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GIZORAMA - I feel as if the majority of us are about done with modern first person shooters, but, it seems developers are not exactly done giving them to us. The main problem that I have with most of these games is that they attempt to portray a realistic situation, while simultaneously striping the gameplay of any and all realism. Insurgency is one of a dying breed, a game of unapologetically tactical combat and a reliance on actual teamwork, but for all of its promise, it still has the feeling of being unfinished.

When it comes to combat, there is very little to complain about. Action is intense and heart pounding, while still maintaining some more stealth elements. Lone wolf gameplay is largely ineffective, because one group of two can easily out maneuver and gun you down. This is due to the fact that only one or two bullets are required to eliminate an opponent. Watching my first enemy drop from a well-placed bullet to the head left me with a feeling of utter satisfaction.

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