Kevin of Paranerds writes " Whoa, hold on, what the hell gamers? Yeah, I’m talking to you. Nintendo seems to be doing…erm…not so well, and maybe it’s because they didn’t take our suggestions of what can save the Wii U, most likely not. Now, we know this isn’t the first time Nintendo has been in trouble (see the GameCube, Virtual Boy, DS, 3DS) but this is the first time that the gamers are saying “good riddance”."

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Myst1551d ago

Agreed I rather enjoyed reading this.

Locknuts1551d ago

From what I've seen, it's mostly PS and Xbox gamers who want to play Nintendo games on their systems. They don't want to have to fork out for another piece of hardware just so they can get their Zelda/Mario/Smash fix, which is understandable.

Chrischi19881551d ago

And I want third party on my Wii U, so I can play the games, that Xbox and PS share, but it seems it is not gonna happen and so it probably wont happen that we get nintendo games on a PS, especially, because the quality of the games will suffer from it. Nintendo always used their special hardware in a way in their games, they cater their games around the hardware, that is the point. Like Skyward Sword and the Motion Plus, or in the Mario games, Pikmin and so on, that is what makes nintendo, wanting them to go third party, would destroy nintendos software, not only hardware, so in other term, all that want nintendo to go third party, are douchebags. They hate nintendo, probably wont even buy nintendo games on a PS, but just want others to lose money or something, really sad, not logic, just egotistic.

zombie78rock1551d ago

Im a fan from the 80's Nintendo too.. but sad thing is it's not 1980's. a 35 year old gamer been there done that and they need new IPs.... not more Pokémon

LAWSON721550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I will still play Pokemon when I am 35 (16 years from now). Lol. A gamer from the 80s was a little before Pokémon and it was targeted towatd young children after I think 95-96

stragomccloud1551d ago

Wow. That's a good read. Shame on insecure "gamers."

AJBACK2FRAG1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Lol! I bought a Wii U to play Nintendo triple A software. I think the Wii U games released this year will be played for many years. Nintendo is the best video game software developer in the world. Nintendo creates video game hardware that is invulnerable. It's kind of weird to think of how Many NES's or N64's will be capable of firing up one hundred years from now. It's kind of weird to think how many Xbone's will be capable of firing up six months from now. Anyways I guess I'll read the damn article. Wish I didn't.

LAWSON721550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

That is true about the N64 I still have one from '97 that works perfectly fine meanwhile I had 3 Xbox 360s this gen due to failure issues

AJBACK2FRAG1550d ago

The reason N64's never die is... no moving parts! Usually the only thing that can stop a cartridge based Nintendo home video game console is...rust! The connector pins rust. Usually you replace the pins and you're ready to rock!

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