The Golf Club Tees Off This Spring

As EA Sports takes a break for a year to re-brand and redesign it’s golf game sans Tiger Woods for a 2015 release, a new golf game will be making its way to next-gen consoles this year to fill the void.

HB Studios, who has worked with EA Sports in the past on the Wii versions of Madden NFL 13 and Fifa 12, has official revealed The Golf Club to the world. Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this spring, The Golf Club will provide gamers with “an accessible, high quality, social and customizable golf experience with minimal to zero loading times.”

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xJumpManx1671d ago

Just have the original 3 click swing please. I hate being forced to use the analog method for gold would rather not even play.

theXtReMe11671d ago

Very cool. A golf game doesnt need PGA affiliation to be good. The course editor will more than make up for it. The visuals look good, lets just hope for good gameplay and online tournaments.

Strawmr1671d ago

They say it's going to have online tournaments and tours

theXtReMe11670d ago

Thanks for the info. Cant wait to play it.

respekanize911671d ago

Should be nice to see on the new machines. Always played Tiger but got tired of the "Tiger Woods" part of the games...LOVED the clubhouses and online integration that pass couple years.

urwifeminder1670d ago

Yay no more Tiger will get this for XB1 usually get all multiplats for pc but me and my fiancée will play this on the main TV look forward to it.

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