New Project CARS Videos Show Multiplayer Races With Up to 35 Players on Track and Rainy Weather

The development of slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS is speeding along nicely, and new videos are surfacing showing some definitely interesting multiplayer races.

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XiSasukeUchiha1669d ago

Up to 35 players WTF damn this magic is nice!

Jack_Of_All_Blades1669d ago

Looks really good, don't know why your getting disagrees. Cannot wait to play

thorstein1669d ago

Actually, they have successfully done 64!

This game looks lovely.

ShinMaster1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Is this footage from the Wii U?
The screenshots looked amazing, but this gameplay footage looks like Gran Turismo 5 on PS3(with motion blur).

35 players is cool though.

sinjonezp1669d ago

I like it, but 35 human racers on one track would definitively pose some serious issues. Im sure half the field would try and troll and cause wrecks. The pentalty system must be harsh so the game can.stay competitive.

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1669d ago
FamilyGuy1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

...Nope, still not interested.

35 players on track is definitely cool but these videos look boring and they must be of an old build because the graphics aren't as nice as people have been making this game out to be.

Where is the hype for this boring game coming from?
Can someone link me to a video that made them excited for this game? 35 cars is awesome but I still want to be blown away.

Allsystemgamer1669d ago

It's a simulator not a crash derby. And your judging YouTube quality videos?! THE screenshots are all in game FROM the community.

FamilyGuy1669d ago

Show me a hype worthy video, I'm not just hating on the game I'm legitimately confused by the praise. And I'm well aware of it being a simulator, simulators show off more than pretty graphics though. What else is in this game? What makes it better than Gran Turismo?

aliengmr1669d ago

Its a racing game, which features What do you want them to do, add a few guns to spice things up?

Let's not forget its still not in beta. I really don't know what your expectations are, but they may be slightly high. Especially since its not feature complete yet.

Also keep in mind Project CARS has little to no marketing budget at this time. Meaning no fancy reveals. Just the gamers that have the game, which is where those videos come from.

Bottomline, if you think its a boring game, then move right along. No sense in searching for something you're already convinced you aren't going to find.

Milruka1669d ago

First off stop being poor and get a decent quality monitor, I bet you are using the same 720p tv you use for your ps3.

And if you say you are using anything larger that a 27" computer monitor then you are doing it wrong as well.

When it comes to PC gaming everything needs to be exact to get the most out of it. bad equipment you console lovers seem to use is not suited.

FamilyGuy1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )


I'm on my laptop, not my tv.

I just want a link to a nice video, I keep seeing this game get praised in articles here for a couple weeks now but I haven't seen anyone or any video really explaining why.

I'm not set in my ways or so other nonsense either, I just want to see what so impressive about this game. Saying "it's not even in beta" doesn't answer my question about the hype. But I was curious about the features so that does explain why there's so little information.

All of this just returns me to my point. It's not blowing me away graphically, it doesn't have some mind blowing features, so far this 35 players on a track thing is the highlight of the title as far as I can tell and that was only announced just now. Where was the hype coming from before this announcement? What information or video got people so interested in this game?

In Gran Turismo I like the variety of tracks, the Licenses you have to acquire to progress, winning cars and money from winning races, buying new cars with the money you've earned or upgrading cars to compete in higher tiered races. Those are features that I like about that particular series. What is it that people are getting hyped about in Project CARS?

aliengmr1669d ago

If you really think it doesn't look good then you aren't looking close enough. Go read more about what the game features if you are really curious.

I could say it looks really good for not being finished yet, but that will hardly convince you. You want some sort of dissertation on the source of this hype. Well if you don't get it and can't see it then, there's not much I can tell you. Its you, who should research the game, not everyone else.

I've said it before, whatever next-gen racer you think is better probably will be. You like GT, then just wait for that. PCars is not like GT.

FamilyGuy1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

So someone who is interested in the game can't even give the simplest explanation of why?

That makes no sense, why should I research the game (more than I already have) when all I'm looking for is the objective opinions of others on the title. What, in the opinion of the fans, makes this game so amazing?

"It looks really good for a game in alpha/pre-beta" is a perfect example of the type of answer I was looking for.

Also, I never said it didn't look good, in fact the graphics seemed to be the only thing people were mentioning about it before this 35 player races thing came up. I'm not blown away by the graphics but they definitely aren't bad, sub-par, poor quality or anything like that. I'm just not seeing a wow factor.

pete0071668d ago

no ofense but get the facts straight, comparing Pcars to gt5 is actually a CRIME. I play the God dam game every day and i can assure you after the HUGE disapointment that was gt5, patched a million times, passed to spec2, spec 1billion! It doesnot have any thing to do with
project cars will have all the features a car game will because when i access debug menu i can clearly see the options and we have multiple body kits, parts, tweaks, ets of course blocked on pre alfa stage. whait for drive club, it will probably be the only car game youll play anyway

and if you dont feel the thrill of the race, hunting your friends tail, on adrenalina races just like i do with my t500rs, wich probably you dont even know what it is, then go back to your gt game, tier up on your 50 dayhatsu game, maybe some day youll be buying a crx Honda or a 1988 prelude and again joyrides with that attonishing polyphony IA on track just like ants on track

FamilyGuy1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I never once said GT5, I said "Gran Turismo", as in the entire series of Gran Turismo games. I was actually only using it as a way of expressing what I like about a game. What makes me enjoy a franchise or title.

Why does it seem like you guys have such a hard time comprehending my comments? I'm very direct, it shouldn't be difficult to understand at all. :/

I am interested in DriveClub, it has a cool looking photorealism to it. This movie-like visual quality and it has clans in a racing game which sounds fun to me.
I also have an interest in TheCrew, it looks like a car focused GTA game with an enormous map.
I wanted to know the selling point of project cars. What's got people hooked and so interested? After all these comments I can clearly see that none of you are capable or willing to answer this question though so I guess I'm done here.

Milruka1668d ago

It seems to me you have a interest in jaggies and low quality arcade racers.

N4g_null1668d ago

Wow... it was like watching a old race... This is the race simple to get.....

It's not really about being pretty it is about being realistic. If you ever raced before you could tell the difference.

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SlavisH21669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

35 player racing? ok im listening :)

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1669d ago

Driveclub looks better imo. I'm sure both games will look their best at launch.

is this all this game is circuit racing?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1669d ago

The lighting in the cockpit is bad. This has to be an old build or something. But Driveclub does look better imo too.

Narutone661669d ago

The left side-view mirror looks like it's going to break off any moment. Yes, the video looks like it's from an older build and the frame rate is low.

Ripsta7th1669d ago

Here we again , no one is conparing the games, both will be great. Unless you have played both please shut your mouth


The large player count is very cool and all, but didn't F-Zero accomplish similarly large opponent counts as well back on the 64? I understand that it is different in that these are all player controlled, but I'm just asking why has it taken this long for something like this to appear in racing games (specifically player count). Also, since I only recently added PC gaming, I thought Rally Sport Challenge 2 on Xbox also had a large number of on track cars as well, but nothing else comes to mind on consoles.

theWB271669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Because it takes a TON of processing power to simulate the weather, AI, frames, and in games like this and Forza/Gran Turismo they're also simulating real car data in order for the cars to behave appropiately.

That's a system calculating all of the car data(suspension, engine weight ETC) along with the graphical effects we see. I remember Turn10 stating(Geenawalt) Forza3 calculated the physics at 360fps.

That's why alot of the sim racers (especially consoles) may lack in other areas like damage modeling compared to what a Burnout could do. They're also not always the best visually.

Project Cars isn't even going the sim route, but also not full on arcade.

It just takes alot more processing power to run a sim racer compared to other racers.

I wish gamers (not necessarily you) would account for all the variables associated with a game instead of just comparing game A with game B and wondering why it doesn't do this and that.


I agree about all of the variables involved especially for (as you've already mentioned) sim style racers. Also, my intentions weren't to come off as dismissive of Slightly Mad's accomplishments just trying to point out that up until now few devs making racing games have made that feature a priority and the two games I mentioned, were off the top of my head, games that I've played that also attempted something similar.

@Milruka - I just didn't mention PCs, because I primarily only have played consoles until only late last year (my previous PCs weren't very good for gaming, and what I had tried before on them weren't fun).

Milruka1669d ago

It hasn't taken this long, Racing games on PC have been doing it for a good while. Most PC racers had unlocks to have even more cars, GTR2 had 21 cars on track on release from 2006, and other games like RACE 07 had unlocks to allow far higher numbers.

Bladesfist1668d ago

You should play trackmania with upwards of a 100 players racing at the same time.

Orbilator1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

You know I Dont like Project Cars and I have never hidden the
fact that as a game it will never be for me.
However, they do themselves no favours with releaing videos like this, The truth is they dont look that impressive, they never will, and every time we see a race damage is off. and they are selling this as a simulator! Granted 35 cars sounds great and I'm sure the lovers will enjoy this game when it comes out, but i agree with UnRivaLed that DC looks better in every way. and we also know what hardware it runs on, when they start stating actualy listing stystem specs when running these video then I'll start taking notice. Until then its just another so so video, that looks boring as hell. some times puddles caused vapour , some times they didnt, no tyre tracks on the track either hmm

theWB271669d ago

Every video/picture released for Project Cars has been from the PC community. That's why you see such varying quality in videos. Slightly Mad doesn't release anything themselves.

If you see a video on youtube...ask the poster what their PC specs are. That's the only way you'll get your answer.

You'd think you'd know that before this rant. many cars does DC render on screen at once? Also DC doesn't simulate physics, there are no tuning options and it also doesn't have weather and it also isn't 60fps.

Do you think DC could render weather, 35 cars with varying physics calculations for each car, damage model with all the fancy blur and motion effects at 60 fps and still look the way it does on PS4?

Allsystemgamer1669d ago

Slightly mad isn't the one releasing this stuff. It's the players. HOW MANY TIMES do people have to tell people like you. The AMAZING QUALITY shots are from people with good rigs. The crappy looking ones are from players with lower end machines.

The developer doesn't release anything.

aliengmr1669d ago

Well when you are primed to respond to wild and crazy reveals at E3, you tend to judge everything the same way.

Then there is the concept of a game being in alpha that, to my surprise, confuses so many gamers. Its starting to make sense that devs keep the process secret, gamers are a dull bunch at times.

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