What's The Deal Nintendo?

Gaming Union: "On one hand it's hard not to feel bad for Nintendo given the current state of things. Everyone knew there was going to be a huge slash on projected sales, but a cut of over 70% on the Wii U? Further sales forecast drop on the 3DS? It's pretty brutal, and reading a few of the reports floating around you would think it was really just the way of the world. Handheld devices like the 3DS now have to compete with ever expanding cell phone apps, and the Xbox One/PS4 put out a lot of pressure this holiday season with their launch. Nintendo was bound to be in a hard place, right? Isn't this an uphill battle?"

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wonderfulmonkeyman1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

It's being overblown, really.
Yes, Nintendo has some work to do to get the Wii U into being profitable again, but their stock prices recently recovered and they've finally realized that their "antenna" overseas wasn't giving them the info they needed.

Change is imminent for Nintendo at this point, and it won't be something stupid like dropping out of consoles for third party development, dropping the pad or the price of the console down to the Wii's price, or going third party/mobile.

There's plenty of things they could do at this point that would help them quite a bit:

Better global advertisement, with a focus on the states.

Less secret-keeping. There’s tons of games they’re probably working on but haven’t talked about, and there’s likely a lot of details about known projects that they haven’t revealed, either.
These things need to be talked about sooner, and more often, if they want to get people excited.

Pack Pro Controllers into all bundles that feature multiplayer games inside them, going forward, alongside the Game Pad.[or heck, all bundles period, if they really want all bases covered]

This does three things of importance: It gives the current bundles more value without having to raise or lower the price, it gives the people who whine about the game pad an alternative without removing the controller that really makes the system unique, and most importantly, it enables local multiplayer right out of the box, at no added cost to the consumer.

Expanding their teams.
Retro and Monolith Soft are already doing this by hiring new people and getting bigger buildings, but Nintendo simply needs to expand upon this.
They need to create more teams so that they can get more projects going on simultaneously.
More projects = more to announce, which links back into the previous point of keeping fewer secrets and makes it easier to justify doing.
With tons of other things to talk about, they could keep one or two super-secret projects under wraps without keeping the information field barren, and the risk of people becoming disinterested in Nintendo due to lack of exciting information leaks goes WAY WAY DOWN.

Do most of those things and Nintendo can easily recover.
I'll even be so bold as to say that the lack of hyper-real third party multiplats wouldn't be so detrimental to them anymore, if they followed the majority of the steps I listed.
Especially not with the likes of Platinum and Ubisoft still showing support, on top of the proven better steps they've been making towards indie developers lately.

DC7771665d ago

Good post, totally agree. No information creates no excitement and no hype. 3D World is a perfect example. Major titles supposedly coming soon yet no information or release dates. Nothing but secret projects and silence. This does not help at all.

RPG_Lover1665d ago

Whats wrong with Nintendo is despite the fact they were the top game company in 2013, The media with its bias, is slamming them.

WheatBread1665d ago

the media, bloggers, etc are making it seem like they're dying, but actually Nintendo is doing pretty good. Plus a lot of good games are releasing in the coming months so the Wii U is going to kick ass.

N4g_null1665d ago

One of the best smear campaigns I've seen so far. Last gen they simply ignored Nintendo now they find everything thing they can to justify bad advice. It is funny how launching early was a mistake yet they are still in the lead...
Wii sports u or wii fit u got no marketing it seemed.... weird....

Any way great system and we are having fun making our game too. If you got the skill then sign up to be a developer. 3rd party doesn't have to suck.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Please dont be sad Pikachu :(