How RTS games helped me pass history

A guest writer on IM PLAYIN writes about how RTS games helped him pass his history exams.

"Suburbian Bucharest, Summer 1992. Ogaja was the first word that came out of my mouth. Not Mommy or Daddy, but my mispronunciation of the Romanian word for Toy (Jucarie). It seemed that my mind was set on playing more than anything from a very young age. Winter 1996. My mesmerized vision was set on the screen of my family’s brand new Intel 4.0. The freshly installed Windows 3.11 did not hold many games my parents could entertain me with, but it did contain one magical application under the name of Minesweeper. That moment when I set my first embarrassing high score, I was prompted with a window that asked for my nickname. And that’s where Ogaja 3.11 was born. A nickname that was yet to be competing with others in our community of blocks of flats and set so many more high scores"

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Jdoki1490d ago

I could just as easily write an article entitled 'How RTS games almost made me fail my degree'. :)

Damn you Command and Conquer series!!!