Make It So: What I Want In Madden 15

Twinfinite writes: "After watching the amazing playoffs matchups this past Sunday (SUCK IT PATRIOTS!!!), I had a sudden urge to go play Madden and put a championship team together from the ground up. As much as I enjoy all the front office wheeling and dealing in sports games, the thought of struggling through the Career mode in Madden 25 turned me off almost immediately. I’ve already laid out my thoughts on Madden 25 in my review, but I started thinking of what I would want in the next entry in the Madden series."

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xHeavYx1491d ago

There is no way a little guy would go through the Seahawks D like that

kalkano1491d ago

I'll keep saying it until it happens, and won't buy it until it happens:

1) CPU vs CPU in offline franchise mode
2) Bring back potential-based progression (or, at least make it an option)
3) Custom soundtrack

ForgottenProphecy1491d ago

Can't you do CPU vs CPU in offline franchise mode? I'm pretty sure you can do that in PS4/Xbox One versions of 25. I haven't played the PS3/360 versions of 25 so I don't know about them.

kalkano1491d ago

Nope. Only in exhibition mode.

Akuma2K1491d ago

Madden is a mere shell of its former self, bring back NFL2K football and you get everything in the game that's supposed to be there from the beginning......not added later and presented as a new feature, a pattern that EA has been doing with madden for years.

Rainstorm811491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

...or a feature that was in a previous madden now re-added and called "AMAZING" and "NEW"

+bub well said

Akuma2K1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )


Just like the o-line play in madden25 being presented as a new feature, i'm like seriously ??

That was in NFL2K5 years ago, i swear EA sports is still living in the stone age in this next gen.

LAWSON721491d ago

Madden 2005 $50 < NFL 2k5 $20
I wish the competition would return

Sub-Zero851491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I think we will hear of NFL 2K coming back soon , the exclusive license is set to expire a day after the Super Bowl which EA hasn't signed an extension and according to some sources is the Take2 which is the parent company that owns 2K sports are about to make an offer to the NFLPA that can't be refused . George Atallah is the assistant executive director of external affairs for the National Football League Players Association and he says that if a company approach the NFLPA with a good offer then they're obligated to open up the license ..... Which I said earlier that Take2 will submit an offer that can't be refused , 2K Football is coming dude and it will be NFL 2K16

Akuma2K1490d ago

@sub zero

I think we'll see a 2K football game this year, 2K isn't going to wait and extra year only to lose ground to EA when finally getting back to making a new football game....after the amazing response and praise they got from NBA2K14 they're on a roll and best believe waiting to strike to show what work in progress they've done or have ready for 2K15.

showtimefolks1491d ago

a owner mode that let'e me control every aspect of the team. Moving the team to another city, make signing free agents more important. building new stadium

ESPN sports center



Side lines less dead please, have better crowds and much better stadium atmosphere

Kevin263851491d ago

So you want fluff? They need to focus on gameplay first.

Rainstorm811491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

They need the full package its 2014!!!

2K5 had some of these things back in 04 on Xbox!!

Why buy up every football related license if you arent going to use them? Tweets is what we got instead SMH

the gameplay is most important but a real simulation football feel in all aspects should be aimed for....with the NFL Network and ESPN licenses you would think the commentary would rival NBA2k series, we should have thursday night and monday night presentations with different sportcasters.

Instead no Chris Berman no Rich Eisen no Mel Kiper and we get CBS commentary team,doesnt make sense......the Presentation needs a generational leap that wasnt made last gen

...and i faithfully play Madden BTW


....or how about the NCAA license we shouldve gotten much much more from the combo of EA/NCAA/NFL/ESPN...i was very optimistic when they got these licenses and they failed us Football fans and gamers....there was so little progression in Madden last gen that it was wasn't until towards the end when they seem like they started actually working on the game.....sad really

You have people playing NBA2kthat arent basketball fans just because of quality, i hope Madden return to that form

showtimefolks1491d ago

i want the best gameplay but i also want the best possible presentation. if 2k could achieve all that back in 2004-2005 why can't EA do the same with next-next gen tech on ps4 and xbox one


even if they put all that stuff in it would be halfass done.

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