Don't Put a Ring On It -- Ten Reasons Why I Choose Video Games Over Relationships

Max Level: Recently, a lot of people have asked why I’m single. They have often told me how I’ve got such an incredible sense of humor, I’m one of the most intelligent people they know and that I’m a hottie little Asian. While this is all flattering to hear, I tend to just laugh it off, often times leaving people to assume my standards are way too high. In reality, I just love video games too much! Need a reason why? Here's ten.

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1638d ago
FamilyGuy1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

"Video games don’t cheat"

What about when FF13 got delayed to announce it was now coming to the 360?
Sure as hell felt like the game cheated on people who bought ps3s for it.
What about "rubberbanding" in racing games, sure as hell feels like the game is cheating then.

"Video games aren’t needy"

Play any online based rpg and make this claim again.

"They don’t cry"

Someone cue FF10s Tidus whining like a little ***** through the game.

"They let me invite friends"

If you find the right girl she'll let you invite friends too, if that's what you're into lol.
I'd personally rather have her be the one inviting friends, girl friends.
As far as just having company, again, get a better girlfriend. Not being allowed to have friend over is ridiculous.

This was more stupid than funny, nice try though.

Bimkoblerutso1638d ago

I choose video games over relationships because video games don't look at me funny when I'm playing with them in the nude and simultaneously trying to sip a Mountain Dew and eat a bag of Funyuns.

The same cannot be said of women.

Wenis1638d ago

Omg awesome, I thought I was the only one whose favorite combo was mountain dew and funyuns, glad to know there are others out there

NukaCola1638d ago

Married for 8 years to an awesome woman. She keeps me happy and we game together. Totally easy to have both.

Studio-YaMi1638d ago

I'm in the same boat man,still not married though,going to soon! :D

Mikelarry1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

you seriously chose video games over a relationship or you could just find a girl/ boy gamer, no offense dude all your reason just sounds like someone who got hurt (your first image in the article points to that) and instead of dealing turned to video game for relief

admiralvic1638d ago

Pretty sure this is satirical, though it just isn't funny.

Trackboss1638d ago

It be like that sometimes

Reboot1638d ago

Haters gonna hate. Interesting to see your opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.