Titanfall Alpha Tester Shares a Ton of Details About The Game’s Alpha Build

A Titanfall technical alpha test was conducted last weekend, and despite the NDA impressions and opinions are flowing on the internet, and YouTuber Chunky Gaming asked quite a few questions to one of the alpha testers.

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DanielGearSolid1584d ago

"Bionic Boner Boy asks: Is it fast paced like Goku?"


Abriael1584d ago

The one that made me laugh is when he asked an alpha tester why it won't be on PS4.

'cause he'd know better than anyone of us, right?

DanielGearSolid1584d ago

Yea that was kind of dumb...

But then again maybe it was a person who doesnt follow gaming news that closely

djplonker1584d ago

We all know the answer to that question microsoft paid for it to be exclusive after they ****** up at e3!

TheDrunkenJester1584d ago

dj* Microsoft paid for this game long before e3...

Omar911584d ago

That caught me off guard lmfao

AngelicIceDiamond1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Lol at the horrible name.

According to the tester the game needs higher player count (at least 8v8 at most) the grunts specifically needs upgrades (more smarter) I specifically said grunts because he hints at more difficult AI types.

He praises and the gameplay and believe it or not the graphics as well. Said it looks like a cross between COD Ghost and BF4.

This is only Alpha looking forward to the final changes/ and release.

erathaol1584d ago

Would of been great if you could Customize Titans, would love to roll in with a 'Gypsy Danger' Titan.

sitesucks1584d ago

Finally someone with common sense on this site understands that its just an alpha version, not the final product. that's the whole point of having a beta/alpha version is so you can fix stuff before releasing it to the public. And of course you hardcore sony fanboys on this site are going to disagree cause its not on playstation. Just stop crying about it and get a pc or xbox instead of spending hours on n4g crying about it. especially when this is an xbox article as well and not even under playstation. seriusly grow up. I own all the consoles but the sony fanboy's that flock to the xbox articles on here is just ridicolouse. True gamers would buy all the consoles and injoy everything. not spend hours on n4g being pro sony when the reality the more companies making games the better the gaming community is off.

PsylentKiller1584d ago

I think 8v8 would be great. The grunts shouldn't be upgraded too much but they should give a little bit of a challenge.
Refs pawn has about a month and a half to release. Hopefully these issues will be addressed.
I just don't know how they can fix these problems before the printing of the discs. I guess there will be a day one update?

KingKelloggTheWH1584d ago

@EmmaRio .Stop talking about Playstation and talk about the game, your comment is off topic.

Now more on topic, the game wont change to much by release. It will look better and play a bit smoother, but other than that it will likely be Extremely similar to the "Alpha" (with minor tweaks), the term here is being used pretty loosely, this is much more akin to a beta or they are using the term in reference to the online part and not the whole game itself.

sitesucks1584d ago


So please tell me how my comment is off topic? I clearly talked about titanfall as angelic's comment was correct, it is just the alhpa version of the game. witch alhpa version = unstable pre-realease of the game. So apparently that's off topic? mmmm ok fan boy. Lets see i cant talk about playstation either? I didnt know n4g was communist website. on top of that i wouldn't be talking about playstation on an xbox article in the first place if you sony fanboys kept to youre own posts. I love the playstation alot, but you fanboys take it to the extreme on n4g. every wii/xbox article i see on here theirs always several comments praising sony and how its competitors suck. So last time i checked, its not being off topic. im just adressing the problem n4g has.

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LackTrue4K1584d ago

the AI sounds like it's dum/too ez!!! I expect this game to be ruin with all them dam killstreaks!!!
Its the formula for COD, and there gana ruin this game too....

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Axios21584d ago

Add another excellent review to the growing list

CELLA1584d ago



Nice interview...I wasn't that excited for this game, until a few days ago, when the alpha was leaked. I might go ahead and preorder now.

staticdash221584d ago

Good, honest opinion, I like it.
Though, the part about the AI confirmed what I saw on alpha gameplay. Like he said, "it's looks like there's tons of people out there, but when you play it, there's a sense of overpowered-ness of the human players"

He never saw one person get killed by an AI. Even he said he would like to have a mode with more players because its too easy/casual and takes the scale of the game.

Abriael1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Can't wait until someone actually DOES get killed by the AI. The mocking will be priceless :D

It's bound to happen.

Tctczach1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

The A.I. is very dumbed down. Most of the time they are either in groups of 3 or are doing some scripted scene such as executing a soldier or being executed. Spectre A.I. are the only ones that pretty much have the capability to kill someone. But they are stupid as well. Still feels hectic though. Lots of fun.

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