The Elder Scrolls Online Rated By ESRB

Bethesda, the publisher behind upcoming MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, has revealed that the game has officially been rated by the ESRB prior to its release. And it’s safe to say that Bethesda is none too pleased with the rating that the game was given.

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Excalibur1665d ago

Was there any doubt the game wouldn't be rated "M"?

Strawmr1665d ago

Apparently from Bethesda themselves. They really seemed to think they would get a T rating

Excalibur1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Yeah and I'm sure they also think we all want/or will pay a monthly fee to play the game as well.

When and if it fails they will probably blame the rating the game got.

Honestly, would any of us want to play a teen rated Elder Scrolls?

1665d ago
Dan501665d ago

Elder Scrolls 3 was T rated.

JohnnyTower1665d ago

Rated R for ridiculous. As in the pay model.

AgitatedOcelot1665d ago

Rated 6 for population crash and merged servers in 6 months.

My god, not another MMO.

KonsoruMasuta1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

There is nothing wrong with a pay2play model. In fact I will as far as to say that pay2play MMOs are betterin quality. It gives the developers more to work with, you have access to everything without hitting a wall, and you will constantly see bigger and better expansions as developers will work to make the game better rather than coming up with seasonal costumes for 5 bucks a piece. Look at WoW, massive expansions and it's fun.

However I can't defend a 60 dollar price point along with the monthly subscription. They need to cut the price down to 40 bucks at the most and at least throw in one month. Look at FF, I paid half of what Elder Scrolls Online cost and square Enix threw in some free time.
This game is an obvious cash grab.

JohnnyTower1665d ago

Im with you on the Pay to Play for sure. And you hit it right there with the initial $60 fee plus monthly charges. Thats all I was alluding to. Pay to play can be successful, there is no doubt, but ESO doesnt really look like an upgrade from Skyrim at all. So I think it is going to be tough going unless the Console owners are really hurting for an MMO.
I would really like details to clarify what the pay model will be. It would be the best thing Bethesda did regarding this game. They really dont want to leave it to us gamers to speculate on what we will be paying.

spartanlemur1665d ago

Skyrim cost $50 at launch. TES:O costs $15 a month plus that. I just don't see how Zenimax Online can add a Skyrim-level amount of content every three months, which is why it's bad value for money.

A $5 a month subscription fee seems more reasonable for modern games, assuming no microtransactions, but make no mistake, they don't use the extra money to add content.
The shareholders of Activision Blizzard who raked in nice dividends over the past decade are who the money from WoW subscriptions went to.

DarkZane1665d ago

I am glad I got into the beta. I played 2 hours and it was pretty bad. Now there is no way I will pay 60$ to buy this, let alone spend 15$ a month.

Seafort1665d ago

Pay2Play is fine when the price is right. They are charging £50 box($82) + £10 ($16) monthly sub and have a cash shop. These are PC prices. Consoles might be different.

Buy2Play is the best option now for MMOs + cash shop like Guild Wars 2.

I see it going the way of SWTOR. Free2play in 6-12 months.

GentlemenRUs1665d ago

Haha I think Bethesda are MADBRO :P

Still, I'm not ever paying £10 per month for one game... It's not worth it...

£3.50-£5 yeah but... Just no...

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