Respawn: Titanfall Will Have "No Microtransactions"

Respawn: Titanfall Will Have "No Microtransactions"

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Stryfeno21641d ago

Nice... Man, I can't wait to get my hands on this game.

MestreRothN4G1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Me too! And I don't even own a XB1.

On topic, incredibly excellent news! Means that the progression will likely work the way it was supposed to be, and not that the progression walls will be the greatest obstacles to overcome in the game.

pompombrum1641d ago

Well that's at least one worry put to rest, if it doesn't have Microtransactions, it means EA haven't had their slimy greedy fingers anywhere near it. That's definitely upped my excitement for it.

JokesOnYou1641d ago

Best news I've read all day.....I personally avoid microtransactions like the plague, I still enjoy the occasional grind in Ryse for example and I refuse to pay 1 penny for anything that can be earned, still I think the industry would be much much better off without microtransactions.

Nykamari1641d ago

Joy, you got a lot of haters! I don't understand your disagrees for the statment you've made. But hey keep gaming on the system you like.

FunAndGun1641d ago

First time I ever clicked Agree on one of your comments.

pompombrum1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


It just goes to show how bitter some people are. Doesn't matter what console you're a fanboy of, every gamer who has any sort of respect for the integrity and future of gaming should be united against microtransactions.

Pogmathoin1641d ago

Nykamari, its instinct, people will not even realise they hit disagree, just the moment the see the name it happens. Get it a lot myself. I am sure there is many who do not even read the article, or the comments, just the headline and they hit agree/disagree based on your history, or which side of the fence you are on. I own both new gen, nearly everything that came before it, but refuse to bash up on one because its the 'popular' thing to do. Sure I hate the fact that MS messed up the great things they started with 360, but whos to say they will not turn it around? Last thing I want is a dominant console, stagnates the industry. Things were great because 360 forced Sony to not assume we would buy anything they threw at us, even if a second job was needed. PS4 is what it is only because MS forced them, and now hopefully history keeps repeating, as this will be the best for all of us. Hope Nintendo can swing things too, but they need unique 3rd party, I cannot justify buying it now for the customary Mario/Zelda game anymore........ Game on....

JokesOnYou1641d ago

Nykamari, thanks and its cool, right or wrong I'm going to keep saying what I believe, disagrees and popularity are irrelevant to me on n4g.

FunandGun be careful, that's how it

aibreeze, very true.

Bigpappy1641d ago

Yep. Played all the Co-op maps and never spent a dime.

FamilyGuy1641d ago

Same here, it's funny to see you mention avoiding the plague though cuz your Joker avatar looks like he's got it lol.

For such a small statement this happens to be one of the most significant news stories of the day.

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adorie1641d ago

I saw tons of footage of the game. I have intent on buying it after it's released so that I can get wind how the game as gold is. It'll be my first ORIGIN game if I end up buying it. :/

FamilyGuy1641d ago

This sounds like good news but I wonder if they'll keep to their word. Is this guy able to make this claim with certainty because it's definitely a nice thing to hear.

Does this mean that only meaningful DLC will be released like maps and story expansions or that there won't be any DLC at all? I doubt they'd release a game with no plans for DLC whatsoever but this reply all depends on what they constitute as a "mircotransaction". At least we know those $1-50 cents guns, characters skins and small crap like that won't be there.

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PSVita1641d ago

The online only game is already $60...I'd hope there's no MTs

Axios21641d ago

Just how misinformed are the fanboys?

$10 credit on pre-order of TF

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