King’s trademark war: Like taking candy from a baby

One of our writers looks at Kings trademarking policy and assesses what it could mean for the future of gaming

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ReKoill1554d ago

I'm looking forward to Call of Candy: Ghost Saga

1554d ago
kyon1471554d ago

BattleCandy 5: Return of the Cavities

In all seriousness this Trademark thing is a joke, companies should not be allowed to Trademark common words just like you can not copyright them.

amywelshcastle1554d ago

I do get that there are a tonne of copy cat Candy games out there, which is probably annoying for King, but even half-seriously going after The Banner Saga is crazy.

djplonker1554d ago

There is a game on andriod called "call of infinity" and it is clearly ripping off cod and halo but it is in 3rd person for some reason!

also offtopic (kinda) I thought you couldn't trademark names of things that already exist so how did apple get trademarked?

JasonXS121554d ago

The "Apple" trademark works somewhat as it's a business or corporate name stopping other business' from using the name "Apple" in their name but the way King is doing this trademark is by practically disallowing the use of the words "Candy" and "Saga" in any game title.

It's like trademarking the name John and saying you can't name your children John anymore.

djplonker1554d ago

Oh thanks for explaining that to me!

It is a sad day when a mobile developer is pushing around proper game developers :/

Pancit_Canton1554d ago

In the next few years, they would end up like Zynga was.

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