Microsoft Responds To 'Games With Gold' Not Being As Good As 'Playstation Plus'

Microsoft Responds To 'Games With Gold' Not Being As Good As 'Playstation Plus'

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Neonridr1637d ago

lol... Phil feels good about the first half of '14. So expect some earth shattering title like Halo: Reach or Gears of War 3 to be free.. :P

pompombrum1637d ago

I'd take Gears of War 3. Still, they should try and find a way to release Shadowrun. That game was so ahead of it's time and is one of the most fun MP games I've ever played. They NEED to revive it and bring back that awesome experience.

Neonridr1637d ago

lol, I am sure we would basically take anything at this point. I was merely poking fun. If they wanted to be competitive in that regards, then give away Halo 4 or GoW Judgement instead.

I mean look at PS+ giving away Bioshock Infinite for free. Metro Last Light too.

MS needs to step it up and not release games that are 5+ years old. Give gamers something that is actually within the past year or so..

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jmac531637d ago

Are the servers still up for this game? That was a long time ago.

Lowsnamebrand1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Disagree simply because shadowrun made a mochary of what previous shadowrun games were all about, thank god the original creators of the video games got the rights back, maybe one day they'll release an actually 3d open world game instead of top down shooters like shadowrun returns

GameNameFame1637d ago

Good ol phil with his dodge, deflect, avoid and spin tactic.

Only pure fanboys would turn to him to listen to what they already know as PR.

amiga-man1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

M$ giving stuff away for free reminds me of this scene from ghost, Sony and PS+ are like Sam Wheat forcing them to give stuff away through gritted teeth lol

PS+ is just amazing value pure and simple

FamilyGuy1637d ago

It's funny how he mentioned Brothers but ignored the big titles like Bioshock, Devil May Cry and Borderlands 2.

It is a different ball game for them though. They have to grab old titles that aren't selling anymore because they give the games away for keeps. PS+ can have MUCH newer games because grabbing them is a limited time offer and if you (for some unfortunate reason) don't resubscribe you lose them.

I think MS should completely copy Sonys route if they wish to compete. They need to make their games subscription bound so game makers are more comfortable about having their games on the list. I know if I was a dev I wouldn't want my game being given away forever without some really big bucks coming my way. Especially if my game was only a year old like a few of the PS+ games have been.

ShinMaster1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Typical haters will call it "renting", but there's no good reason for me to stop the service in the first place. (great since year one)

I'll gladly trade $50 a year for $1000 worth of free content and discounts.
I have more games than time to play :D

thegreatklemba1637d ago

@familyguy if you dont keep sub and lose it when you re sub you get every free game back you had before just to let you know and anyone that might have thought you lose them forever if you dont keep sub for good.
OT: Sure phil what every say ill believe it when i see it .I wish Microsoft could bring back the people that made the OG xbox cause i though it was great but just didnt have the mass appeal

Cueil1637d ago

it's not hating to call it renting... it's renting a game if you don't keep it after the subscription period ends... GwG you keep the game even if you stop subscribing to XBLG... for a new Xbox 360 owner the deal is worth every penny

Unspoken1637d ago


How does requiring the gamer to pay Sony for a PS+ to play the free games guarantee the developer is seeing any extra money? Any idea what contracts are being made between the devs and either company, Sony or Microsoft?

Keeping the game for life, as long as you grab it during the download period, seems to be a much better deal for the gamer. If for some reason you take a break from Live and have the game on your console, you can still play it.

The question is, do you need a Live sub in order to access your download history in case you ever delete the game?

With PlayStation you are stuck paying the subscription fee to access any free PS+ game. Also, what happens if you don't have an internet connection to verify your PS+ sub? Is this the same type of DRM people were whining about with the XB1 and are now blind because it has a Sony label on the side?

da_2pacalypse1637d ago

Gears 3 > GowJ. I get that you're trying to say they should give us newer stuff, but just about anyone will tell you the same thing about GowJ. It was terrible.

FamilyGuy1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

@ Unspoken

Say someone REALLY likes a game that they got through PS+ but they don't plan on resubscribing for some reason. In that instance they might decide to actually purchase the game they liked so much. If they got the game free and clear like through GwG they wouldn't ever buy a copy, they'd still have it so there would be no incentive to pay for it.

"Also, what happens if you don't have an internet connection to verify your PS+ sub?"

PS+ games have an expiration date. When you play a game the date is updated based on when your subscription is set to end. If you increase your subscription the date gets updated once you launch the game while connected to the internet. Once updated, that date remains valid whether you connect to the internet or not. It doesn't require some daily check in. If my sub end in August 2014 then I can play my PS+ games till aug 2014 without ever connecting to the internet or psn. It's funny to see people try to force a comparison with MSs notorious DRM policy at every chance they get though lol.

@ thegreatklemba

I'm well aware of PS+ policies and how the service works. I've been telling people the exact same thing you just said for a while now. Just reactivate it or go to your downloads list and download it again if you deleted it. As long as your sub is current you have access to everything you've ever gotten. In MY scenario I'm basing it off someone that doesn't plan on re-subscribing.

My overall point is that MS would be better off if they did what Sonys doing. Both gamers and devs would appreciate it more. Gamers for the newer/more recently released game titles and devs for the ability to still make a profit off their game through actual game purchases.

P_Bomb1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I'd rather "rent" a game I like than "own" a game I don't like. There's no joy in me getting to keep stuff on GWG that I don't want in the first place. All I wound up getting that I actually wanted was Crackdown, and after I beat it in a week and orb-collected it out, that was it. I haven't touched Crackdown since. Why would I with my backlog?

For me It's about playing new games, not collecting digital dust. That's why I let my gold subscription expire last august and renewed plus for another year in October. GWG is getting better with titles like Sleeping Dogs, but again, I don't need to own it on 360 when I already platinumed it through PSPlus 9 months earlier. Ditto with Assassins Creed 2 and Dead Rising 2, *years* earlier. Letting me keep stuff I already own isnt much of a hook.

There's no offline DRM either with Plus. You can't at ALL compare this to XBone's early policies. PS Plus games have expiration dates, but they stack. Even on my PSP, which hasn't been online in months. My Tekken still works as does GTA Liberty City Stories. My free XBL Doritos Crash Course 2 however hasn't worked since I went Silver. I guess blindness is in the eye of the beholder.

GravelerMagnitude91637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

man, shadowrun is my favorite game of all time. i always had a katana and loved when you cut somebody in the back and they be like

"Im bleeeeeding ooooouuuuttt"

it was fun. i hate games that cares more of competitiveness than fun.

we need that shadowrun on ps4

bennissimo1637d ago

XBL has superior functionality. I don't care about the expense and no longer game on a 360, so the fact that XBL doesn't supply me with free games doesn't matter at all.

I don't think MS has to feel insecure about XBL or games with gold. GWG is icing on an already awesome cake -- free games with PS+ make up for the fact that the PSN is shit compared to MS's online functionality.

mananimal1637d ago

@ aibreeze


Well said, best MP ive ever played ,the only MP shooter i play say say id be pretty tempted to buy an Xbox One if a sequel was released. wouldnt change my gut wrenching feelings about a Corp like Microsoft, its too late for that but id would purchase XB1 for shadowrun, no doubt.

Monster_Tard1637d ago

@FamilyGuy I don't know if that's entirely how Microsoft does it, they could be giving us some of the slightly newer games that they own the rights to, but they don't. Instead of giving away Halo reach or Halo 5, they give out Halo 3(not even ODST) instead. I believe they try to put as little money as possible in the deals they strike with the publishers of these games and most of the games they have given us have been games that have had a few sequels come out all ready, so basically the publishers are using them as advertisement and Microsoft may not be paying anything at all to give some of these away.

FamilyGuy1637d ago

Well I know they're being cheap but the last part of what you said is an interesting thought. Giving out their old games for free as a form of advertisement. That's actually part of Sonys deal with PS+ and PS+ discount promotions, the publicity, but Sony pays them money on top of that.

I don't know why MS is being so stingy with the cash flow, they could make a lot of their fans happier if they up'd the ante with some current and therefore more relevant titles.

P_Bomb1637d ago

@ bennissimo

That "superior functionality" cake is missing a few ingredients. For starters it won't let me compare achievements/games with my XB1 friends. When I log onto my 360, every XB1 game is compiled into one generic gamerscore with a tab I can't even click on. No idea who's playing what anymore. PSN however lets me compare PS3/PS4/Vita trophies and games on any system, in the same list. Even on my iPhone app. I don't feel as disconnected from my friends.

wsoutlaw871637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

this whole renting vs owning is so stupid to even be talking about. sony is saying if you subscribe to plus you can play online and play all these games at no additional cost. If you think thats a good deal, which most do, then you get it. obviously you cant pay for one month and get the instant game collection forever. Its a service, its not buying games so theres no point in discussing it. If you think its a good value then you get it. There's no reason to get rid of it, and even if you do, you probably beat the game already, and you're not going to buy the game just so you dont need to pay for plus. For most people the distinction between owning it and renting it makes no difference because they dont want to stop their plus sub.
MS and Sony have to pay money for the games on the service so the games they get are related to that more than anything. The only difference is that sony doesnt have to worry about people paying for only one month and grabbing the 20 great games they have available for less than 20$

abzdine1637d ago

PSN+?? smh...
how can he compete with something he cant even quote correctly?

Seafort1636d ago

@Lowsnamebrand You really have no idea what Shadowrun was do you?
The original on SNES and Megadrive was a isometric RPG which was based on the tabletop RPG.
I hope Shadowrun is never turned into another FPS like the one on PC and X360. It was pathetic and made a mockery of the franchise.
A bit like what EA did to Syndicate.

Shadowrun Returns is a strategy RPG with turn based combat and is true to the original and the tabletop game. It was not a top down shooter.

sentury1111636d ago

Shadowrun on 360 was great

snipes1011636d ago

Hey at least I get to keep the games if I cancel my gold account. I just feel like I'm borrowing the games with PS+. That's not really "free."

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Ashunderfire861637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

The problem with Games with Gold is that free games for the 360 being release are 3 years(Fable 3)old, and older(Halo 3) compare to PS Plus games. The PS Plus games are free after 1 year, and even within 10 months(BioShock Infinite) or right at launch(Resogun). Xbox Live advantage over this is that the games are free forever with or without Gold subscription, but in order to get the free game you have to sign up anyway.

kreate1637d ago

'in order to get the free game you have to sign up anyway'


UltraAtomic1637d ago

its true, but when sony first started ps+ there game line up wasn't really that good. microsoft kinda just started this (games with gold) so not bad, if you think about it.

MRMagoo1231637d ago


The thing is "microsoft kinda just started this (games with gold) so not bad, if you think about it" doesnt cut it, every xbox fanboy on this site (im not saying that you are one) says MS pretty much has an infinite money cheat on, with allllllll the money MS has why do they give you games that cost $4 in the shop second hand? they cant use the excuse that they only just started doing it, they have PS plus as a reference for how to do it well.

Larry L1637d ago

It's kinda funny how many people say "Plus didn't start off great at first either, so Game with Gold will get better just like Plus.". My memory may not be perfect, but I seem to remember Plus coming out hot right out of the gate, which is why I subscribed by month 2.....the only reason I didn't sub month 1 was because I already had WipeOut HD and the WipeOut HD Fury expansion. The 2nd PS3 game was LBP, which was like 7 or 8 months old. The PS1 games were like Destruction Derby and I know MedEvil since I had never played it before then, and FFV I think. One of the minis was like the best one, FieldRunners and Age of Zombies. I also got the Killzone 2 DLC and the Motorstorm Pacific Rift DLC for free. I recall good discounts right off the bat too. I think it was month 2 or 3 that had every PS1 FF for $2.50 each, which I bought every one to have them on my PSP (they now reside on my Vita).

I don't really think Plus started off that slow. ANd it continued to get even better at a very quick pace. So people should really stop using that as a defense for MS's unimpressive version of Plus.

Jughead34161637d ago

Yea, being able to play games like LBP2, Uncharted 3, Bioshock, Borderlands 2, etc. for free is well worth the subscription fee. Gold would be cool if not for PS+. Gold's games are too dated for anyone to care much. PS+ allows you to play Driveclub, Warframe, War Thunder, Resogun, Planetside 2, etc. at launch.

Rainstorm811637d ago

I remember when PS+ was scoffed at as a rental service......ive gotten so many games off of it its more than worth the price especially if you just picked up a PS system.

From Infamous 2,LBP2, the entire RE PS1 collection, countless PSN gems like Shank 2, PacMan, Galaga, and newer games like Bioshock Infinite or GotY stuff like RDR or Uncharted 3....PS+ has turned into a go to service for console gamers without question, if Sony can keep this up with the PS4 itll make XBL and Games with Gold look more laughable than it is.

Im loving Dont Starve and Resogun right now....cant wait for Drive Club and Secret Ponchos

ShinMaster1637d ago

@ UtraAtomic

""when sony first started ps+ there game line up wasn't really that good""

Not true at all

PS Plus has been great since its first year^

wsoutlaw871637d ago

@ultra plus started of good as stated above but wasnt always good. Plus was new business for sony. XB LIVE is not new at all. They have been making revenue off of it for years so there is no reason the infancy of the concept to start slow. They just want too seem as if they match sony in features for as cheap as they can.

Knushwood Butt1637d ago

@ Larry

PS+ started off pretty poorly in Japan, but it's been much better since about a year ago.

It's probably still not as good as it is in NA/EU, but I'm happy with it.

LoveOfTheGame1636d ago

@Everyone listing "year one" games PS+ gave

Those are what you got YOUR first year, PS+ wasn't great starting out in 2010.

LBP was never given on PS+, and games were not getting good until about early 2012. The only decent ones before that were games 15+ yrs old, which I'm sad I missed out on(started early 2013).

@Shin Master
You're drunk, that was not PS+'s first year. The only decent games in PS+ first year were Sonic and Spyro.

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Eonjay1637d ago

The problem with "games with gold" is that you have to pay developers to have the content available to your subscribers. Xbox Live was intended to be a cash cow. It was never set up a service that paid anything out. PS+ is basically a discount club service where the sub fees are pooled together to get large volume licences from developers.

Cueil1637d ago

I think you are mistaken... Sony does indeed fork over money for the games... as for discounts the XBLG discounts are sizable and for very good games... Tales of Vesperia is like 5 bucks right now

_FantasmA_1637d ago

Gears 3 came out in Sept 2011, so it doesn't qualify to be free yet. Wait until 2018 at least.

YodaCracker1637d ago

Sleeping Dogs came out in 2012 and it was free earlier this month. How do you explain that, sir?

P_Bomb1637d ago

Uncharted 3 came out the *same time* as Gears 3 and has been free on PS Plus since E3 2013. It's up right now. Gears 3 should MORE than qualify. 2018 is halfway through the next gen!

1637d ago
otherZinc1637d ago

Look, I don't give 1 S&*+ about cheap Indie Games, Free to play Games, or [email protected] games I've already played, when I pay $500 for a damn console!

However, I do care about the games for that $500 console to continue to rollout. Following: Forza 5, Ryse, Killer Instinct, & Dead Rising 3.....Phil is right! This 1st Quarter 2014 XBOX ONE:
Fable Legends
Plants vs Zombies
Kinect Sports Rivals
So yeah, that's a Quarter!

Having free old games is a cover-up for having no new next-gen games.

Chevalier1637d ago

Fable Legends is not dated for the first quarter of 2014, you are getting confused with Fables Anniversary which is due February 4th, 2014. Kinect sports rivals is not coming out first quarter either. I work at an EB games and neither is even available for preorders, sorry to burst your bubble, but, if it's not listed by now it's NOT coming first quarter.

So your list is now corrected to the following

Plants vs. Zombies February 25th, 2014
Titanfall March 11th, 2014

Also 'old' free games of the caliber of Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen and Sleeping Dogs to name a few are excellent regardless of how you want to try to lessen the awesomeness that is PS Plus doesn't change the fact that Games with Gold pales in comparison. Funny how only the next gen matters now right? Guess not having exclusives on 360 over the last 3 years must have been painful. But fear not you now can play plants vs. zombies and Titanfall, you should be proud, it only cost $500.

dwlwoolers1637d ago

buddy ur destined for disappointment, how can u say indies are cheap. Do urself a favor and explore the indie game scene. Seriously some our a blast! Ive had some really good times rocking indies on my psvita(admittedly I was desperate for games) I now consider indies some of my top gaming choices. And
My vita is easily my 2 favorite console ever. Please from a gamer to another gamer, dont count out indies

xtremeimport1637d ago


Games with gold doesn't even touch Ps+
If you have it, you know its amazing. If you probably talk shit because you want it.

anyone who complains about the discounts and free games as being a "well you still have to pay $50 for it and the free games arent even yours."

thats $10 less than xbl and within the first month you actually make that back. Ps+ is an investment that actually pays off.
borderlands 2, bioshock:infinite, DMC, grid2, uncharted, xcom. and thats just a few.

H0RSE1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Of all the games released with GWG, there's a bunch I haven't played, and not just arcade titles. Many argue that the games they offer are "old" or "poor quality," like only new games are worth playing. The fact is, the core audience is likely to have played all the big releases they were interested in, regardless of their age or budget.

I don't care how old the games are if they are AAA releases or arcade titles - I care that they offer me games I actually want to play, that I haven't experienced yet, and they have offered a quite a bunch that meet those requirements, and I'm not rushed to play them, since they are mine to keep.

Would it be nice if every single game offered was one that I was really interested in? Yes, but my mindset is, they're free games and I'm not going to complain or demand that they offer me better free stuff - they don't have to offer me anything. I have a gamefly account, which is essentially what PS+ has with it's games, so I'm not interested in a format like that. I like getting games I can keep and play without a subscription, so I can rent any game I want with Gamefly, while building a collection of games to play on my 360, and later,my X1.

yesmynameissumo1636d ago

That's "shattering"? Granted, PS+ had shit titles it's first 8-10 months, but that has turned around in a big way. Give MS time (and assume they are willing to do it) and Games for Gold should step it up too.

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dedicatedtogamers1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

There is nothing - nothing at all - bad about PS+ encouraging Gold to raise its level of quality content. And if we're comparing the free GwG to PS+, the first year of PS+ was pretty sparse, too. It's only fair to let GwG a chance to get rolling with its own set of free games.

That said, I think the big advantage PS+ has over GwG is that Sony is able to offer discounts, not just free games. Do Gold members get discounts on games (even brand-new games) just because they're Gold members? Genuine question. That would be the next step. Additionally, Sony has more platforms and a bigger back-catalog. I've gotten PS3, Vita, PSP, PSN, and PS1 games for free or with a big discount with PS+. If you've bought into the "Sony ecosystem" and you own multiple Sony platforms, there's a ton of games that you get for free. Right now, GwG is only offering free "retail" (although they're digital) 360 games (? Again, genuine question).

EDIT: Anyone know the answer to my two questions? Do Gold members also get discounts for being Gold? And are their XBLA games or other non-retail games being offered by GwG?

GarrusVakarian1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

"There is nothing - nothing at all - bad about PS+ encouraging Gold to raise its level of quality content"

Yep, it's win win, PS users carry on getting great value, Xbox users get better and better offerings due to MS wanting to compete with PS plus.

I don't think non-PS3 owners understand just how great PS plus is, the moment you go to the PS store and see the 'instant game collection' section it's like...

Neonridr1637d ago

I can't begin to fully appreciate PS+ yet as I am only a PS4 owner so I am missing out on the PS3 and Vita games.

That being said, Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve and Outlast isn't too bad of a start either.

Ultimately neither of these companies are obligated to give us anything for free, so the fact that Sony (and even MS - though less generous) is giving us these games speaks volumes of the company.

il-JumperMT1637d ago

I'm PS3 + PS Vita + PS4 Owner.

I get free games on 3 platforms with 1 PS Plus Subcription

I actually have too much games to play!

beerzombie1637d ago

Could bad if gamers don't buy games because of the great service. This could hurt small developers trying earn money selling games.

Arkardo1637d ago


Im actually on the same boat as you! I have vita-ps3-ps4 and i can't play everything they throw at me!

It's amazing at least i download every game and cancel it so it stays in my downloads list ... pheeewww

xJumpManx1637d ago

Now if Sony would improve their server reliability and infrastructure. Ps+ is good for the free games and xbox live is still the better server and infrastructure for online gaming. They both need to take ques from the other.

GarrusVakarian1637d ago


" xbox live is still the better server and infrastructure for online gaming"

I used Xbox live for years, and while i haven't used PSN as long as i have XBL, ive never had any problems with either. Each service has been exactly the same for me when it comes to multiplayer.....not so sure why everyone always says xbox live is "better".

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JohnnyTower1637d ago

Ive never had a discount for being a member, but they do have monthly deals on XBL. Their GwG offerings have ranged from XBL games to full retail games. But the retail games are usually dusted off oldies that people have played up and down.
Im no hater, but it is what it is....
I hope that they can do the same with X1 in the near future as well because their GwG is severely lacking.

dedicatedtogamers1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Thank for for the answer to both of my questions.

So you get deals, but it's not like "15% off this game, but 30% off the same game if you're Gold", correct?

JohnnyTower1637d ago

Yep, that's about right. Same discount whether you are a Gold Member or not.

BoriboyShoGUN1637d ago

No dude the Xbox deals are terrible!!! it will be like save 50% on some old useless trash!!!

****Best decision I made was to keep my PS3 around, the past two months have been awesome! GRID 2, Borderlands 2, Devil May Cry, and Bio shock Infinite!

Bzone241637d ago

Must be that you haven't taken advantage of them then. Xbox has deals every week that are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members.

Cueil1637d ago

Clearly you have no idea wtf is going on in the marketplace...

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user95970821637d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong (I probably am) but didn't ps + only offer discounts and avatars at first?

GryestOfBluSkies1637d ago

it offered games too. wipeout hd was one of the first games on ps+

Jeebus1637d ago

They added a handful of other features, and did some (pretty average and forgettable) games for free.

But honestly, after the PSN downtime they struck with a vengeance with plus.

user95970821637d ago

Ok. I just remember initially not seeing any point in the service when it started with ps3 online being free.

Rainstorm811637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Heres the first year offerings of PS+ remember it started after their 2012 E3 presser.

While it did offer discounts and avatars Infamous 2 and LBP 2 was there day 1....the first three columns are just June 2012!!

Actually looking at this list Im glad i got PS+ day 1 i can always go back and redownload any of these games.....I said it before and ill say it again PS+ is Sony's ace in the hole, once it gets mainstream popularity of whats offered skys the limit

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Volkama1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Yes, gold also gets sales on games. Don't know if they compare to the PSN discounts or not, haven't really done any comparisons.

Microsoft's "problem" with gold is they're selling this big behind the scenes infrastructure, and benefits to that are nowhere near as tangible as Sony's instant game collection.

So now Microsoft have to offer games on top of what they had. It really is probably the single best example I can think of to show competition can lead to nice things.

BoriboyShoGUN1637d ago

The first thing I noticed years ago on the 360. Was that all the games that were 400 points slowly vanished. Now everything is 800 minimum and even mediocre games they're asking $15 for now.