Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has Procedural Combat, "Impossible on 360/PS3"

Dan Vávra, Creative Director of Kingdom Come Deliverance, explains that the game's procedural combat would have been impossible on current gen.

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malokevi1515d ago

Looks really cool. Visually impressive, for sure. Will keep an eye on it.

adorie1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

I saw this on GAF this morning. I put down 100 for the EARL edition reward. Large scale game looks like Kingdom of Heaven, Braveheart, Joan of Arc and so-on.

I hope we can spill boiling oil from the top of the castles, unto our foes trying to scale the walls!

1515d ago
Festano1515d ago

This promises to be a great sandbox. In a single day they arrived at the half of the money required.

Alexious1515d ago

Yes, I think they have to hurry with those stretch goals...They might not be fully prepared with the list!

I have a hunch that they were surprised by this reaction.

Irishguy951515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Pretty damn cool sounding

Edit - I was gonna keep my eye on this and somehow missed the gameplay trailer...looks epic. I always wanted Elder scrolls to try this type of combat. Maybe then it wouldn't suck

Alexious1515d ago

Yes, it looks like it takes the best from Chivalry and Mount & Blade. Now, if only I could get an MMO game with this combat...

Salooh1515d ago

That's good. Don't waste your time on last gen. That's what makes this generation unexciting.

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