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Nintendo could prevent a financial “Game Over” with these 3 strategies

Industry pundits have been telling stories of Nintendo’s immanent demise for months and in some cases, even years now. With these three strategies, Nintendo could solve all their financial problems. (3DS, Industry, Wii U)

pat_11_5  +   184d ago
I'm not sure if I want to see Nintendo go third-party, but at some point, it just might have to happen.
lilbroRx  +   184d ago
It would have happen to Sony before Nitendo, as Nintendo's losses are minor compared to Sony's and they are currently worth more than Sony as whole.
josephayal  +   184d ago
Would love to see Nintendo go third party, They need to do something crazy and unexpected
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live2play  +   184d ago
Aww look at the article. So adorable.
you know what this is going on the fridge!

You actually put numbers to try and make your nonsense seem kind of legit.
Its the article equivalent to a painting of the family made with macaroni.

Look mom i made a nintendo doom article too!!!

Sorry sonys gaming division has been bleeding far more far longer than nintendos and dont even mention the xbox. If anyones gaming division is in danger its those two not nintendo.

And check the internet today. That big drop of 18% that was reported? Yea it went down to six on the same day, now its back to the norm.

Check in google comparisons of nintendo sony and microsofts profit and youll find a graph that shows who has been in the red longer
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   184d ago
Could you link me to any reports or evidence of the stock prices for Nintendo going back to normal?
That would be a breath of fresh air and a worthwhile report to put up.
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OrangePowerz  +   184d ago
Financial game over? That's stretching it a loooooooot.
4logpc  +   184d ago
Good grief. Another "journalist" who has no freaking idea what they are talking about.

Seriously, what happened to quality journalism? Did the invention of WordPress just kill quality?
pat_11_5  +   184d ago
What qualifies you to be an expert on what constitutes journalism? I'm curious.

Did you actually read the story, or at least glance at the first paragraph before completely discounting it?

I cite facts, conducted research and put a fair amount of work into this article. Nintendo isn't going anywhere any time soon, but the company needs to change its business practices now before it's too late. That is simply all I'm saying. Even blind fanboys like yourself will need to come to that realizations soon.

Also, just so you're aware, while Wordpress is a free platform for blogging, many mainstream media organizations have started using it as their primary back end because it's so versatile and simple.
DC777  +   184d ago
Well written but not much in it others haven't stated. I happen to disagree with a lot of it though.
4logpc  +   184d ago
Yes I read the story. I don't make such claims unless I am going to take the time to read it.

Suer you did some research on how much Nintendo is worth as a company, and what their loss was for 2013, but that is obviously where the research stopped.

You suggestions make little sense considering what you say here:

"The company has a ton of money in the bank, but in just a few short years, that stockpile could dwindle down to nothing."

So a company that has already struggled immensely with online features for their games, should get into the streaming business?

Do you have any idea how much money it would cost for Nintendo to create this type of service, and you want them to only charge $20-$50 dollars a year and expect them to make a profit? If there are only 5.5 million consoles sold at this point, they would NEVER make a profit even if every single customer subscribed. Why do you think PLaystation Now will have a chance at being profitable? Because its a service that will be made for not only the PLaystation 3, which has over 80 million sold, but the PLaystation 4, and other Sony products which will have over a 100 million users. Why do you think Netflix can make a profit? Because they are on every device known to man.

That solution makes no sense, and wouldn't do a thing for the Wii U or Nintendo itself.

And that was only your first solution. The other two makes just as little sense.

Especially your Sega analogy, which I might add lost millions of dollars for around 5 years and still didn't go under. Going third party didn't help Sega? Um what? The Dreamcast put that company in such debt, along with other issues before that, and if they didn't go third party they wouldn't of had a product to sell....so they would be gone.

My Wordpress comment had nothing to do with Wordpress being a bad product, in fact I said the opposite. With Wordpress being so easy, it has allowed for a lot of people to think they know journalism and the way this industry works, to start a website and think they can just write whatever they want and have it be factual.
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live2play  +   184d ago
What qualifies him to be an expert on whos a journalist or not?
The same paper you got out of the cereal box that says youre qualified to advise nintendo on how to run its long running game company
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SynestheticRoar  +   184d ago
Rock-a-bye baby.
deadfrag  +   184d ago
Sensationalist press against Nintendo seems to be in vogue,what a bunch of crap!
pat_11_5  +   184d ago
Sensationalist? To that I'd respond with one simple fact, the company posted $240 million in loses for 2013.... The numbers don't lie.
nifonge  +   184d ago
They have close to 12 billion in the bank other vaulable assests (15.3 billion) and only 2 million in debt... to say they are in finacial straights is a bit over stated. Yes they stand to lose close 335 million for 2013, it would take close to 30 straight years of losses for them to be in serious trouble (assuming losses and cash on hand stay constant).
deadfrag  +   184d ago
Its funny how we dont see an article speaking of the amount of network gains Nintendo had and have reported after this income loss,and that were not subtracted to those loss!Fortunaly this is not a one way street for those that know were to get the real facts; one way street is only for dummys!
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nifonge  +   184d ago
@deadfrag true that, it's simply because Nintendo is the one that's knocked down. It's easy to jump on the "doomed" bandwagon without really foresite because they screwed up with one major home console. They want to compare to Sega which multiple failures in a row and no where near the cash Nintendo had/has. Whatever, these blogs or articles will continue to happen until Nintendo changes their business road map, but it will be a very long time until they are dire financial trouble.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   184d ago
Neither do the numbers that state Sony's debt and Microsoft's debtare both stillgreater than Nintendo's debt, yet because the Wii u isn't selling, you seem content to ignore those numbers for the sake of painting nintendo red with danger.
The article IS sensationalism. You're overblowing Nintendo's financial troubles.
nifonge  +   184d ago
@wonderfulmonkeyman come on man, you know Sony's financial troubles don't exist on this site. It might be the truth but it's blasphemy here.
stragomccloud  +   184d ago
Nintendo doesn't really need to do anything to prevent "financial game over;" however, they do need to change how they are doing things in order to remain competitive. They also have to find a way to end the age of fanboys and hate that has polluted the gaming community that I was once proud to be part of. On both fronts, they have an uphill battle, but if anyone can do it, it's Nintendo.
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Ravenheartzero  +   184d ago
They need to hurry up with New Zelda and successor to xenoblade chronicles before I consider buying one
Dan_scruggs  +   184d ago
I seem to remember Sony losing 5.5 billion dollars in 1012 and not actually making a profit on the Playstation 3 for 6 years. But its gonna be Nintendo that goes out of business. Riiight.

Well the US is a country that is terrible at math so I suppose this makes sense.
BrianSharon  +   184d ago
I'd hate to see Nintendo join go the way of SEGA, in fact I'd much rather see the two reach a (more official) partnership in terms of content.

Imagine the Wii U as the exclusive home of Sonic. Yes, I know his brand has fallen by the wayside, however the Wii U's audience may just be the last that has a fondness for SEGA's mascot.

I think it's full of potential, with franchises like Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Sonic, Panzer Dragoon, Altered Beast, Golden Axe etc..

Though admittedly, this would theoretically only help Nintendo to further mine the nostalgia they currently prey on.

The truth is, I'm not sure there is a way to fix Nintendo. This new-generation doesn't quite hold them as near to their hearts as mine does and I'm not sure that'll ever change. There was a time when games and Nintendo were synonymous; much like the kleenex is to the tissue paper - but those days are long gone.
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RPG_Lover  +   184d ago
Financial game over? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

40 million units sold in 2.5 years is struggling now? in the case of 3ds
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a_adji  +   184d ago
Their stocks are back to normal and so I don't wen know why every pone is spelling dooms day. Remember their gaming devision makes more money then Sony and ms gaming division
megagamer21  +   184d ago
Another dumb ass writer who knows nothing does someone pay these guys
wheresmymonkey  +   184d ago
Nintendo can take the hit. Its what most of these articles completely forget to fail to address is the fact that they could lose this much cash for 30 years before they went bust.

They won't. Nintendo as a company are far from on the ropes. The WiiU just needs some serious work. Interestingly enough i think that a price cut would probably do it. on Monday Argos reduced the price of their nintendoland premium bundles down to £180 as did amazon to price match them. Argos then sold out of that SKU un pretty much every shop in the UK as well as online. The console also went rocketing up the most sold charts on amazon.co.uk to 14.

A price cut, much better marketing, firm release dates for future software and some footage of some impressive looking exclusives - bish bash, bosh. done.

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