Capcom Doesn’t Know What to Do With Resident Evil

Hardcore Gamer: Earlier this week, Capcom announced Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition, a high-definition, technically proficient, content-packed re-release of the 2005 classic on Steam. Despite being another version of one of the best games of all time, the announcement has been met with lukewarm reception and a significantly toned-down level of anticipation. But the lack of excitement is very well-justified. Capcom’s announcement of Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition promises technical enhancements and all the gory creepiness that the 2005 original brought us, but its most notable feature is the message behind it: that Capcom simply doesn’t know how to approach the series anymore.

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ChaosKnight1639d ago

Ugh this is so true. An HD PC port almost ten years after a game's original release is just screaming "REMEMBER HOW MUCH YOU LOVED THIS SERIES?" and seems so pathetic.

1638d ago
showtimefolks1638d ago

Capcom just doesn't know what its doing, its next in line like THQ. Its amazing that the highest selling capcom game is in 6 million range, and capcom has been around a while

totally reboot the game, get as much fan feedback as possible. There could be a perfect Mixture of action and Horror, just look at Dead Space 1 and in some aspects dead space 2.

Resident evil 6 was very long game, yet i never finished it because it was boring and made you play parts of the game twice with different characters. How about making next Resident evil only 12-15 hours long but make it the best possible RE game and and lot of time for polish

PoSTedUP1638d ago

capcom doesnt know, but i do, and i had just stopped to take a break from it (playing RE2 jus a sec ago). they need to bring back the intricate puzzles, man. they need to stop makng it a linear generic piece of crap. i want survival horror; believe it or not but RE4, even tho was an awesome game, was the first step in the wrong direction. the gameplay was improved, but the atmosphere, the "zombies", the fear factor, and the concept was totally off from RE, and then they took it even further away, and then again, and now look at what we have: a linear mess with action, 3 different jumbled characters, not scary, barely survival horror etc... id rather them go back to the fixed cameras than make another game even Remotely similar to 5&6. i like using my brain but sadly capcom doesnt like using theirs, these games are for infants and casuals.

SaturdayNightBeaver1638d ago

Fuck it, better stop making it and ruining the game even more.. Evil within will be the new real RE ..

NeXXXuS1638d ago

It would be nice if shinji mikami directed another resident evil game, but i think it's gone way too far down the crapper. Mikami is doing very well making and directing his own games. Can't wait for The Evil Within to release.

princejb1341638d ago

lol poor capcom
They should just sell it to a great developer like Santa Monica or naughty dog
I'm sure any great developer would know what to do with it

SkippyPaccino1638d ago

Capcom should make everyone in the office play TLOU and then take some time to reflect ...Then come back Fresh, Inspired and motivated after realizing what their sequel to Resident Evil 4 should've been like...

zeee1638d ago

I'm sure they did but they are too stupid now to even copy a game like tlou.

UltraNova1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Capcom listen up! A true original RE fan since RE directors cut speaks.

Get the original team back that made the first resident evil, the director especially and tell them to forget Europe and US exists and their taste for that matter and simply tell them to tell/create the true sequel of the original game, what happens after?

Let them do their magic and give them as much time as they need. It needs to go back to its roots, give us horror not a Hollywood mind-dead shooter (RE5 & RE6 ??), give us those intelligent super hard puzzles. Make ammo so hard to find it will make us shit our pants if we miss a single shot! And throw in a mind bending story in there.

Treat us like smart people and make us work hard to progress through the levels. Dont worry if we die or get stuck all the time! Look at what Demons Souls did? Those with perseverance got so addicted they are (me included) calling it one of the best games they ever played!

Dont get me wrong what worked 15 years ago probably wont work today. What I am saying is bring that atmosphere that made RE what it is (or was actually) but do it in a way that fits today.

After all we seriously need an intelligent survival horror game these days!

And remember Capcom doing things with the only mindset in dollars will get you where you are today! Treat the gamer with respect and you'll get your moneys worth eventually.

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Lord_Sloth1638d ago

Mood of RE1-3 with the gameplay of 4. Doesn't seem that hard to figure out.

erathaol1638d ago

Actually without Shinji Mikami, it seems like it is too hard for Capcom to nail down. Their best attempt was Leon's story in RE6.


Irishguy951638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

It's insane to me, how hard can it be? Everyone loves RE4. Everyone loves RE 1-3. To get both fans of RE 1-3 and RE4, combine them. I just don't understand what led to moving off in RE5's direction.

I mean, they could just take a look at the last of us. It's not rocket science, theres a basic formula for tension and horror.

I guess I can't say i'm surprised. I don't understand what the hell is happening with alot of Jp devs these days. Look aT FFXIII. How the **** did that happen?

Oh well, FFXV looks amazing, lets hope Capcom can get RE back on form too. All they need to do is retain some element of exploring and a horror mood. FFXV's combat is nothing like the old ones, yet it still has all the rest of the gameplay elements of the old ones. Retaining the feel of it. Again it's not rocket science. One dev that explains it well enough is CDPR. It's not hard to understand what makes a game good.

XtraTrstrL1638d ago

This, alot of people think RE4 was one of the best, but to me it's just the gameplay that was best in it. The mood was way better in the first few titles. RE4 is when they began doing that dumb stuff with making regular town people, either Spaniards or Africans, that were controlled, rather than being zombies. RE4's spanish town with the tentacle heads was such a stupid idea imo, me and my friend talk about it all the time. He also says it's much stupider if you understand spanish and know the dumb stuff they're saying over and over.

Anyhow, Crapcom is far past its glory days with most its franchises. Maybe their newer titles can do something for them, like Dragon's Dogma. I'm still skeptical about Deep Down, because Capcom is infamous for abusing DLC and microtransactions, and the game is F2P, so they could have a ball day with screwing us. We'll have to wait and see though, the game has to be fun before they can try to rob us regardless.

PoSTedUP1638d ago

exactly, said something similar above. re4 was an awesome Game, but far from a RE. im replaying 2 & nemesis now, when i replay the first one im gonna grab anoher gamecube for that sweet remake. but hey! i played a little of revalations and it seemed pretty good as far as a RE game, so ill be picking that up shortly. have you played it yet?

XtraTrstrL1638d ago

@PoSTedUP, I haven't played it. I have been avoiding RE since RE4, I don't like that it became an arcade style shooter basically since then. It doesn't help that every new RE that comes out they say "We're going back to RE's roots for this game." Yet they never actually do go back to the roots.

I'm hyped for The Evil Within, because it's made by the creator of RE. So I atleast know it'll actually be a survival horror game. I also am looking forward to Outlast, the PS+ game coming out soon that looks like it'll be a proper survival horror game. I might check out Revalations to see how it looks though, I remember the name.

PoSTedUP1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

yeah, it seems RE is going the way of Socom (devs lose the brains of the operation>franchise becomes crap>that dev goes on to make what should have been the next installment etc.). evil within looks to be just that.

and yeah ive been hyped for outlast as soon as i found out it was gonna be for ps4, i love thoes types of horror games. a jump-scare does not compare to being petrified because of your surroundings, sounds and visuals.

i played RErevalations demo and i gotta say: survival, horror, keys, searching for ammo/not having enough and having to run past scary zombies, i was quite scared and excited at the same time. plus you play as jill.... it's on ps3 but i want to play it on the 3ds when i get one.

NukaCola1638d ago

The Evil Within is the savior of this genre.

XtraTrstrL1638d ago

I agree, can't wait to see more on that game.

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curtis921638d ago

RE is getting beat at it's own game by indies nowadays. They're in a tough position, no doubt.

cocadaking1638d ago

Yeah, even the blocky Lone Survivor is far scarier than RE.

ocelot071638d ago

Just bring it back to the still cameras. That is all I want.

Kurisu1638d ago

What about a return to the "opening door" and "climbing stairs" loading screen. It was always so tense because you're always wondering whats going to be in the next room.

*room loads with room full of zombies*


*panic and exit room*

Rainstorm811638d ago

Exactly this....but this time its not a load screen just there for atmosphere.

The best of both worlds looked like that unreleased footage of RE3.5 that was leaked awhile back

ocelot071635d ago


I completely agree. Like on Resident Evil 3 you would enter a room and Nemesis would be there.

jeeves861638d ago

Why? What is so appealing about static camera angles and tank controls?

ShaunCameron1637d ago

They just won't let go of the PS1 era. That's all there really is to it.

maniacmayhem1638d ago

It's time for a reboot in my opinion. Ever since part 4 which I thought was brilliant the game has gotten seriously off track from what it used to be. Story progression wise it made sense but the game shifted it's focus way to much on the action side.

It's almost as if Capcom saw how successful the Resident Evil movie were and decided to capitalize on that and focus more on insane action, explosions and gun play. This IMO was not what the original RE's were about.

Time to set the mood again. You a lone player in a very remote and dangerous situation with the odds not in your favor. Limit guns and ammo and always have an option of whether to fight or flight.

Nerdmaster1638d ago

DmC proved Capcom that people don't want reboots.

maniacmayhem1638d ago

I liked DmC, as a lone entry it was great. Excellent level designs, the combos had the feel of the original and the actions was just as fast paced as the original.

The problem was Devil May Cry did NOT need a reboot. Even though part 4 was not so great it was still a good game and never deviated from the Devil May Cry formula.

I personally wanted to follow and play the original Dante and Nero in a part 5. Instead we got the new Dante who was just so unlikeable for some reason.

I think Capcom gave DmC a reboot because the original team left. I truly think this was Capcom's middle finger to them in the same way they stopped all Mega Man games when it's producer left too.

mhunterjr1638d ago

I think that proved that reboot doesn't mean complete reimagining... DMC was iconic. They destroyed the icon , then replaced him with a lame.

Eyeco1638d ago

I didn't mind DmC it was a nice game but it just never felt like a DMC game, the art style, low difficulty, disappearance of gameplay styles the series staple, didn't sit well with me.

DMC4 wasn't a bad or even stale to warrant a re-boot, if anything the game is underrated, it's obvious Capcom ran out of ideas for series, and just tossed it to random western developers to squeeze something out of the IP.

Nintendo done the same thing with Metroid , After Gunpei Yokoi's death who was the brainchild of the series they not knowing what to do with the series handed it to Retro Studios a western developer, the result were 3 quality games. That's honestly what I can see happening with RE, Capcom might just hand it to a western developer, Shinji Mikami the key has moved on.

Capcom has gone the way of Rare, like the latter, they've lost 2 key developers (Keiji Inafune, Shinji Mikami) with other employes gone to form studios (Platinum Games) It hurts me to say but this company is a lost cause, their best days are behind them, what a shame.

Retrospective review of DMC4

Nerdmaster1638d ago

So for you all a reboot means keeping the same thing as it was before. You don't want a reboot, you want a remake.

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