Mobile Patrol: Point And Click Through Ferris Mueller’s Day Off

Hardcore Gamer: Being a grown man with the occasional laziness-beard makes it hard to game on the go. I’m not saying that it’s embarrassing, but pulling out a bright yellow Pikachu 3DS wouldn’t be very professional at the various grownup establishments I frequent. Thankfully, there are plenty of mobile games I can indulge in while standing in line at the local shelter, or “donating” some blood for cookies and juice. The only real problem is making the choice. After all, those 99 Cents were hard-earned, and gambling with games can be dangerous when the stakes are high. Fortunately for you cheapskates: I, the self-proclaimed mobile game guru of the gaming-sphere, will help you spend your “riches” wisely. In this weekly column, I will showcase outstanding mobile games in short, easy-to-read gatherings of words. You’re welcome.

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ChaosKnight1586d ago

Ferris Mueller, you're my hero.