How Nintendo Can Save Itself With Mobile Platforms

Hardcore Gamer: Nintendo is in trouble. Doom and gloom has been forecast for the company since the Wii U’s soft launch, and this past week saw the company report that the Wii U’s sales are dramatically lower than expected. Despite the introduction of a Mario/Luigi bundle, the recent release of Super Mario 3D World, and older highly-revered games like LEGO City Undercover and The Wonderful 101, the system didn’t catch on for holiday sales and is expected to sell 2.8 million for the fiscal year. Worse, 3DS sales aren’t going to be as high as expected either — and portable gaming is the one area Nintendo can always hang its hat on with investors and point to as a success. After many years of its outdated practices, from using relatively ancient hardware for the Wii U to an antiquated online setup, Iwata stated that he was willing to look into new ways for the company to make money.

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teflontactics1706d ago

Dear Nintendo;

Make a console that you can take with you (a-la the 3DS in size), however when you plug it into the TV a second GPU (a-la graphics switching on macbooks) takes over and upscales the games with anti-aliasing for the big screen. It wouldn't hurt to have a decent resolution screen on your handheld either, as it would reduce the ugliness of the upscaling.

Do this, and you shall stay alive and relevant in an age where you can't compete regarding hardware. It'll be the best of both worlds, and might actually entice me into buying something from you.

BenqMagician1706d ago

Wow the hardware needed too no wait your just asking for a tablet and anyway sony did that before with the psp(it didn't catch on because u can't do it with the Vita and it would have been cool).

BenqMagician1706d ago

Also if Nintendo did make a product a console like that it would downsize the company(less money made and less workers needed too make the product). Right now it's not what they need but in the future it's a good idea.

teflontactics1706d ago

Actually read my comment, and then tell me where the second GPU is in the PSP and explain how 480 x 272 is a decent resolution.

Might want to know what you're talking about before you shoot my idea down ;)

KonsoruMasuta1706d ago

No. As stated before, mobile gaming sucks.

MultiConsoleGamer1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )


Hicken1706d ago

Nintendo doesn't need to save itself. Just the Wii U.

BitbyDeath1706d ago

Agreed, Nintendo has plenty of money in the bank, just needs to sort out the Wii U situation.

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