DC Universe Online's Upcoming DLC Gets A Release Date

War of the Light Part 1 introduces the Blue Lantern Corps into the game as well as an all-new power set -- Rage. Rage is the game's 12th Power Set and can be utilized for both good and evil.

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guitarded771672d ago

I tried playing this game across PS3, PS4 and PC. Just couldn't get into it. Not an MMO fan... but FFXIV has been pretty good so far. It's repetitive like any MMO, but a good holdover until XV comes out.

Sony should open trophies to F2P users and/or those who purchase DLC for DCU. I think even more would play.

CrossingEden1672d ago

I literally just did what did zero punctuation did, and I quote "I flew to the highest building in the city, said, that's a city alright, and turned the game off."

kingPoS1671d ago

The game *IS* fun but.... I just can't keep up with the constant staccato of updates the game sends my way. It's made worse in that you have to load the game to update it. I like DCUO I really do, but with only a 3mb line, it's hard to sit in front of 1gb+ files every now and then.

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iceman061671d ago

I agree. Got the game when it debuted on the PS3. Played the hell out of it for a couple of months. Then, it was update after update...and not small either. It got to the point where I was updating more than I was playing. The game has moved so far beyond what I had, that I am intimidated to even try to resurrect my character and try it again on PS4.