Dark Souls II: FromSoftware’s Plan to Make It The Best Game of PS3 and 360 Generation

When the co-director Yui Tanimura described its new version from the Dark Fantasy Soul series as “accessible”, everybody misunderstood what he meant.

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Blastoise1668d ago

It'll definitely be one of them. Praise the sun!

SilentSolid1668d ago

i'm a bit worried bout the framerate on consoles for sum reason. I'm thinking bout buying it on ps3 or pc ;S

LAWSON721668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

i thought the fps in the beta was pretty low because it felt stuttery eventhough on PC I play DS1 at 30 fps so it had to be in the 20s. This was of course a beta but even Demon Souls had fps drops and this looks quite a bit better so it is bound to happen. I highly recommend PC version unless you think the limited edition case is worth the sacrifices. The game will prbably have a larger community on PC and 1080p/60fps with some texture mods is always awesome with potentially more mods than its predecessor. I really wish I could get a physical copy of the PC version just to have on display but for me it is not worth it

SilentSolid1668d ago

mm. we'll see how it turns out. I'm a bit of a trophy freak. that's why i would prefer to play it on ps3 ;)

Might wait and check out sum framerate analysis when the game is out and then I decide.

LAWSON721668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I know what you mean about those trophies I love getting them for most of the exclusives I get for the system. Been trying to get platinum in Ni No Kuni and it is actually pretty damn fun. I was wrong about PC not getting physical though at the end of a trailer it has a physical copy of the collectors edition so that is pretty awesome. Amazon just has yet to add it to the page. I do hope it has steady FPS it would be a shame if you have to not get it on the platform you would like do to it running terribly

SilentSolid1668d ago

mm. that's why I'm hoping for a ps4 version! would be awesumsauce :3

Summons751668d ago

It will definitely be a nice swan song for them, finish this move on to Demon Souls 2, next installment of the Soul series on next gen platforms.

darren_poolies1668d ago

Well Dark Souls already is (for me) so anything even close to that would be fantastic.

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