The Daily Five: Reasons Nintendo Should Develop for PlayStation

"Don’t get us wrong. We don’t think this is even remotely likely to happen. However, that doesn’t change the fact that we believe Nintendo would be a perfect fit for the PlayStation family. Today, we will discuss five reasons why the House that Mario Built would thrive as a Sony-centric developer." - Travis Tucker

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Sony and nintendo have very different philosphies

wonderfulmonkeyman1664d ago

On top of that, Sony-centric gamers regularly take time out of their days to insult Nintendo franchises for being rehashed, or too kiddy, or any other number of things.
Anyone who expects Mario to sell to a ton of people who feels 3D World was just a rehash of 3D Land with Cat Suits and therefore not worth getting, is just kitten themselves.

Nintendo's fanbase is not based on Sony consoles, and in case it's been missed, Nintendo, financially, is much deeper in the black, while Sony is still in the red despite the PS4's success.

Nintendo won't need to sell out to Sony, and Sony can't afford to buy Nintendo anyways.

And besides, being on PS4 wouldn't intrinsically change what Mario is.
It wouldn't be bigger and better from being on the PS4 because console design doesn't intrinsically control game design.
If it did, Killzone Shadowfall would have been far, far more creative and deep than it turned out to be.
Mario wouldn't sell there because it wouldn't change enough to suit the tastes of the fake fans regardless of the console it went to, and the same goes for the rest of Nintendo's franchises.

If anyone here is a real fan of these franchises, they'll quit whining for a third party Nintendo and will instead save up the small amount of cash that a Wii U would cost them.[smaller, even, than they think, if they find one of the many great deals online]

HarryMasonHerpderp1664d ago

"If it did, Killzone Shadowfall would have been far, far more creative and deep than it turned out to be" ...

You sound like such a fanboy....
Why even worry about articles like this?
All of the Nintendo "centric" fans are on the defensive at the moment, I understand that the WiiU is doing poorly and there have been plenty of articles pointing this out. But don't worry about it, Nintendo are fine financially and will be for a very long time. There's no harm in what if articles like this. They even state "Don’t get us wrong. We don’t think this is even remotely likely to happen" at the start of the article.

wonderfulmonkeyman1663d ago

I'm not saying it in defense of anything, I'm saying it because it's the truth.

Go look around the internet for a while and come back. I guarantee that you'll find thread after thread out there of people who loath Nintendo games yet will still hypocritically say they wish Nintendo would go third party.

As for the game I mentioned, I only used it as an example to prove my point; People were expecting a huge leap in not just graphics but in game experience with titles like Shadowfall, but it didn't happen that way.
That's not a bash on Shadowfall, because as a shooter it's still solid and mostly bug-free, but it doesn't offer anything remarkable or ground-shaking to its genre, like people were claiming many of the PS4's games would.

The system a game is on doesn't intrinsically make the game's design better or worse, so moving Mario onto PS4 wouldn't make it more appealing and therefore wouldn't make it sell better.
And without the loyal fanbase behind it, and with competition from other higher profile games on the exact same system, Mario would be lucky to see half the sales it has garnered in the past, if that.

Mikefizzled1664d ago

Sounds like a Sony die hard who misses playing his Nintendo games.

Studio-YaMi1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Who the hell write these dumb articles!? seriously! and with a title like that,you are just BEGGING for hits.

"five reasons nintendo should develop for playstation"

I like both companies as they are,both have unique ways of approach considering games & gaming.

Dannycr1664d ago

I understand who writes this thrash, but I do not understand why they get featured

rageus1664d ago

This is one of the problems nintendo have with the WiiU. People want to play nintendo games but don't want to have to buy a WiiU to do it as they don't see that it brings anything else apart from nintendo first party titles.

Tidybrutes1664d ago

Exactly, at least the Gamecube had some 3rd party support. Admitedly it was a lot less than the PS2 and even Xbox was getting at the time but the software library for the Wii U at the moment seems weak in comparison.

However I hope Nintendo can turn it round, if not anything else it will be interesting to see how the next few years work out for them.

Me personally im holding off for a price drop or a good bundle deal once Bayonetta 2 comes out to get a Wii U.

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