Titanfall EarForce Atlas And Turtle Beach LineUp Preview

At CES 2014, Turtle Beach community manager Jeff Burchett talks about the new lineup of gaming headsets. Included are the Titanfall EarForce Atlas, Marvel headsets and iSeries Apple headphones.

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Axios21669d ago

Everybody capitalizing on TitanFall's strong pre-order figures

jagiii1668d ago

The Marvel headphones are cool too.

r3f1cul1668d ago

so im waiting for months after the consoles release and the first headset they come out with that works properly like any other headset every made... is wireless.... what a crock of shit, anyone know if they will make a wired headset thats going to work with the xbox one? or will i continue to still be incredibly disappointed that i bought microsofts new console disaster?

gcolley1668d ago

Same goes for steering wheels. They really don't give a crap about their customers it seems.