Which Last Gen Trends Will Continue into the Next Gen... and Which Should Die?

As we move on to new systems, let’s take a look at what trends emerged this past console generation and consider if they will continue as we go further into a new era of gaming. We’ll also consider if some trends are better left in the past.

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Excalibur1707d ago

One of the trends i would like to see end is difficulty settings in the campaign, The one thing I think Epic did right with GOW:J was the challenge mode portion of the game, I'd like to see DEVS actually tweak the game itself the way Epic did as difficult settings.

Making my character a sissy and the baddies bullet sponges is getting old, it needs to change.

There is also no reason in squad based games why those characters couldn't be played co-op and you can pick the character you want to play instead of the on set main character.

Retroman1707d ago

COD,KILLZONE,BF4,WALKING DEAD,ZOMBIE,UNCHARTED games should die 7 years long enough. new ip's plz!!

PixelNinja1707d ago

"Walking Dead"+"Seven Years Long."

s45gr321707d ago

I agree, knowing Naughty Dog track record this developer always brings a new ip for every new Playstation. They started on the PS One with Crash Bandicoot, but with the PS2 they brought Jak and Daxter, by the first year of say PS3 they brought Uncharted. So Uncharted being released on PS4 very unlikely a new franchise from Naughty Dog is very likely.

guyman1707d ago

You crossed the line when you said uncharted: if you, clearly as a xboxgirl, think uncharted is one to be abolished, then I, as a sony fanboy, think halo should cease to exist

MasterofMagnetism1706d ago

What about Halo, Gears, Mario, Zelda, and others?

Retroman1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )


im a Sony gamer. im just tired of same ol same ol games for 7 years fps,open world games. maybe i was wrong with walking dead (probably new) but the rest im dead tired of them.if new ip's coming has nothing to do with fps,open world military type games im down for it.
looking for ps2 era of gaming in ps4 so, i'll be waiting before buying un-like i did rushing to buy ps3 and was disappointed.

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bjmartynhak1707d ago

Indeed, increasing difficulty should improve AI, and not lower our health and turn our bullets into marshmallows.

mochachino1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

ONLINE Shooters
Online competitive k/d shooters like COD and BF4 will be replaced by more team oriented MMO-ish shooters where more people can feel "skilled" in some way. Be it via raw skill, or via skills acquired by accumulating playtime and levelling up.

The k/d games ensures that half of the users leave frustrated or at least anxious about maintaining their stats. The consistent real fun is only had by the minority of highly skilled players.

Dominance of the fittest will be replaced by appealing to the masses (of gamers, not casuals) to ensure greater adoption rates.

Essentially, games that find a better balance of rewarding play time while also rewarding the better skilled players will dominate as far more gamers will feel rewarded playing the game instead of frustrated. More fun and relaxing instead mostly fun but always tense and too often frustrating.

Story Based
The distinction between online and story based will blur, and after LOU and Walking Dead, stories will be taken more seriously, in that they will address more adult/mature themes in an effort to catch up with the average age of gamers (30s) and be less like B action movies ala Gears and most recents CODs.

Stick891707d ago

Easiest solution to this is just take out the K/D stat and any kind of mode that is not objective based (basically any of the deathmatches).

Then people are forced to focus on win/loss ratios while also being forced to do actual objectives to increase that's a win/win really.

s45gr321707d ago

I hate you it would be a dream if what you said comes to fruition.

R00bot1706d ago

I don't want online shooters to go extinct, but they're definitely waaaayy too popular for what they offer. People need to realise that they're not great games. And devs need to stop putting so many of the damn things out every year.

quaneylfc1707d ago

Console wars should die

SilentSolid1707d ago

Console wars r good and there's no reason for it to die. Competition is healthy for the gaming industry.

quaneylfc1707d ago

No, trailers are good for the industry, gameplay is good for it too. Thousands of children saying my toy is better than yours is an embarrassment.

PixelNinja1707d ago

Sure Competition is Healthy, but when there are hundreds of fanboys (e.g. HatsuneMiku+Mew+Maria.etc) spamming gaming sites like this, it makes the console wars look really pathetic.

SilentSolid1707d ago

@PixelNinja It may be pathetic. But It doesn't matter what u or other ppl think. It's still good for both Sony and Microsoft. free marketing etc.

SilentSolid1707d ago

And still we gamers win in the end. Just think bout it will ya?

quaneylfc1707d ago

But will we when every tom dick and squashead are laughing at something as unimportant as resolution or the size of a box.

SwordandShield1707d ago

Microtransactions should die quick death.

DxTrixterz1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

They should have never been born in the first place.

Agent_00_Revan1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

The initial idea behind them wasn't bad. I remember reading the original articles and announcements about them and they talked about things like a new uniform in Madden costing like $.25-.50, not $5.00!

I think being able to add content for a SMALL fee wasn't a bad idea. But then the pricing got out of control, and more importantly, companies like Capcom shipping out half a game with the other half already on the disc waiting to be unlocked as paid DLC. And other games becoming Pay-to-Win, like Dead Space 3. Or Forza where the DLC costs more then the game itself...One Car!

It was a decent idea that got ruined by greed. This is why we can't have nice things...

stavrami-mk21707d ago

free 2 play .....also known as no skill but expendable wallet gameplay style games

SilentSolid1707d ago

U mean : Free 2 play Pay 2 win should die*

stavrami-mk21707d ago

no i mean free to play ,i'm yet to discover another type of pay to win , i know a lot of people speak about these magical devs that can live off thin air and create games for the love of the industry ,buuuuuuuuuuuut no i don't mean that i mean exactly what i said

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