Big Changes Coming to Super Smash Bros. U

CCC Says: "One of the most basic strategies in competitive Smash Bros. is the edge hog. When one character is on the edge, another character cannot grab onto it. This, coupled with the invulnerable frames you get when rolling up from an edge, can make it incredibly hard for an opponent to get back on the stage after being knocked off a far distance. For years, pro Smash Bros. players have integrated this into their gameplay strategies. Often we would see pros backwards wave dash onto a ledge the second someone tries to grab onto it. We would see attacks meant to overshoot edges and take advantage of the vulnerable frames of a roll. We would see mid-air spike battles as each opponent tries to get back on stage and knock his or her opponent into the abyss. It was a core part of the Smash Bros. gameplay…"

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Concertoine1665d ago

This does concern me a bit... sometimes edge game is a characters best asset and winning factor.

WeAreLegion1665d ago

I'd love a fuller move set. Also, maybe a match type where falling off the level doesn't kill you. Only super moves kill you. That would be just dandy.

jonboi241665d ago

So basically Playstation All Star.....

WeAreLegion1665d ago

Well, a good combination of both styles would be great. I love both franchises so much. I still consider PowerStone 2 to be the best brawler though.

KevinCubes1665d ago

Bayo in smash would be a dream come true.

AJBACK2FRAG1665d ago

That would be unsane!!!!!!!

jonboi241665d ago

Wow as a tournament Smash player this saddens me. Edge hogging was so essential to the hard-core metagame. Hope this game doesn't become to casual. Just goes to show you that Melee was the best in the franchise. It's why Project M even exists to fix all that was horrible about Brawl.