Thief Reserves a Copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts Before Robbing GameStop

The suspect of a GameStop robbery had claimed that he was purchasing an Xbox One along with the games NBA 2K14, Just Dance 2014 and Call of Duty Ghosts for his child, and then arrived at the store wearing a dark ski mask armed with a gun.

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infinitewords1579d ago

It would've been really ironic if he tried to reserve a copy of 'Thief'.

Lord_Sloth1578d ago

Darwin Awards 2014 already has people aiming for top place. XXXD

mrpsychoticstalker1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Beautiful game, but is not BF. Lets see how many thiefs come around march, when titanfall releases.

Skate-AK1578d ago

Probably a lot. It's going to get pirated to hell.