No Man’s Sky: 17 exclusive concept artworks

Concept art from Hello Games’ forthcoming space exploration game revealed.

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LimeyGeeza1462d ago

This game looks awesome!, I hope they are going to pull everything off that they say they are.

Whatsupdog1462d ago

Agreed. Love the idea of swimming in from the ocean, jumping into your spaceship and flying off to a whole new planet!

Lets hope the execution is as good as the premise.

TomShoe1462d ago

Looks amazing.

I better not see any of that exclusivity BS though...

1461d ago
maniacmayhem1462d ago

I really want this game and bad. I really hope these guys can turn their troubles around and get this game back on track.

by the way, did anyone else love the music played during the trailer??

Awesome band, You're welcome.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1462d ago

I am actually looking forward to this more than Star Citizen

Aleithian1462d ago

I will buy this Day 1. Will buy every edition. Will buy every DLC/microtransaction. Will buy every piece of merch. I don't care - I've waited over 10 years for a game like this.

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