Killer Instinct – A Paradigm Shift in Fighting Games

Fighting games aren’t just about watching yourself get beat. Killer Instinct is leading a paradigm shift.

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The ONLY thing this game is missing is more characters...but it is a wonderfully crafted fighting game. Mortal Kombat, Tekken and this game actually turned me into a fighting game fan again.

FamilyGuy1668d ago

What about the number of stages?

I've always been a fan of fighting games and this game looks great.

Fireseed1668d ago

Stages come with each new character

deandre191668d ago

when is spinal suppose to come out

biRdy1668d ago

In a stream today, they said there would be Spinal details next week. So he may very well be released next week for Ultra Edition owners.

Gunstar751668d ago

this is my most played game so far. it is effing amazing!!! i thought spinal was out in sign of him :0/

lets_go_gunners1668d ago

Double Helix did a stream today and they confirmed he's in a playable state. They also said his trailer is due out before next Thursday before there next stream which will show him off.


Where can I find the live stream??

maniacmayhem1668d ago

There needs to be another announcement of some more characters. We already know Spinal and Fulgor are coming.

But we need some TJ Combo and Cinder action!

kingdip901668d ago

I thought story wise cinder was dead... not that it means anything in a fighting game lol

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