USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending 01/18/2014

Latest pre-order chart for the week ending January 18th, 2014.

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Axios21703d ago

Well you can certainly tell it's the 2nd weeks of Jan, everyone must be paying off holiday bills.

Only double digit gains are from 3DS

TitanFall and FF are the big winners for home console.

TomShoe1702d ago

Speaking of Titanfall, you know how they're probably going to make sequels, right?

And it's supposed to be the end to the "rehashed shooter," right?"

I know EA and Respawn aren't going to miss out on a chance to make money. If Titanfall sequels come out, won't those games be rehashes of the game that was supposed to end rehashes?

Not trying to be mean, just food for thought.

OpieWinston1702d ago

Titanfall is going to be EAs big ticket seller...especially after the negative pres that BF4 generated.

Titanfall/Star Wars may save EA.

And A LOT of N4Gers want EA to crash and burn.

FamilyGuy1702d ago

They have DriveClub marked as 11 weeks from release, using a completely rumored release date rather than the N/A that should be there :/

Automatic791702d ago

I expect titanfall to increase in another few weeks. Can't wait.

HaveAsandwich1702d ago

preorders cut in nearly half from last week. just saying.