5 ways Nintendo can save the Wii U

Games in Asia: "Hey Nintendo! Are you listening? Good, glad to hear it.

So I’ve already given you the harsh truth about how badly you screwed things up, and you’ve had the night to cry into your Princess Peach love-pillow. But now it’s time to get this sorted out."

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3dmariofan681700d ago

yes, just ask all the indie companies STILL MAKING WII U TITLES, Makes alot of since doesn't it? Oh wait the wii u is not going to fail! sorry haters, the facts don't add up, why not just make games for sony and microsoft, why nintendo? yeah take your time, I can't wait to see the sorry and lame excuses for this one!

DC7771700d ago

Geez we have all read this same rhetoric 50 times lately under different authors. It's just ridiculous. You aren't getting Nintendo on anything but Nintendo. The Wii U (thanks to terrible marketing, name choice, and zero foresight into Sony and MS making new powerful consoles) is not doing so great but the company as a whole is fine. If you want to play Nintendo games so bad get off your ass and go buy one. If not find something better to do than copy and paste the last 34 articles on this. This doom stuff is ridiculous.

RPG_Lover1700d ago

The system doesnt need saving

imXify1700d ago

It's like saying to a kid in elementary school with D marks : " It's alright buddy, you don't need help. "

Kos-Mos1699d ago

No, the problem is that it got almost only A`s, but the majority don`t understand beautiful things.
They want TEH GUNS and GUNS!

iplay1up21700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Oh,Gosh lame article, written by a teen. For one the Wii U is $299 for the Deluxe with a game or two, Your choice of Nintendoland, Mario and Lugi, or Zelda WW HD, and the Wii U is also available online refurbished with Nintendoland, the digital bonus, and warranty for $250. That is $150 less than PS4 WITH A GAME.

The E-shop has been slow to start, but there is a ton of great content there.

Wii U is backwards compatible, and there is a backlog of Wii games that are great. Right now I have My PS3/4 and my Wii U, under my TV.

I have access on Wii U to HUNDREDS of backlog NES/SNES/N64 games. The only complaint I have is there is not yet Gamecube support, but that should be coming. It was at least talked about last year.

Gamers are the ones failing. If they do not want a system that at this moment has a ton of great games and allot more coming this year, oh well. I for one am playing Wii U WAY more than PS4. Yes PS4 is going to kick butt, but right now there are a TON of great Wii U games.

Wii U has been the most fun I have had playing a console than I have since N64/PS2 first came out. When PS3/360/XB1/PS4 were released all they really offered were better graphics for games that ports. (Knack and Killzone were day one for me with PS4 beat Knack and Killzone is more of the same only prettier).

Right now a gamer should be happy to pick up Wii U at $299 With Zelda, and also since they would just be buying one they would need to play. Zombi U, Nintendoland, SM3DWorld, Zelda WW HD, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Lego City, NSMB NSMBLuigi U,Sonic Lost World All of which you can only play on Wii U. Then you have a couple of ports that are better on Wii U, like.

Rayman, Deux Ex, Need for Speed and IMHO, BOPS!

I mean hell "gamers" say there is nothing on Wii U and Wii U sucks...Really? Because all of the games above are GREAT!
Plus Miiverse and Online = FREE
Just people bashing Nintendo, and it is old and stupid.

blastergun1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Nintendo Wii will be great.
1. 1st parties games: This is good enough reason for me to get your consoles. - Mario 3d world, Zelda, Kart,smash bro
2. Gamepad experience : Great - Love the ability to play without tv and the additional functions and fresh way of playing games. If it uses with Yugioh/pokemon games it will be even better.
3. PS4 & XBone has better improve graphic and region free (cheaper/greater selection of games)
4. Wii U is next gen gaming- It a different enjoyment.Nintendo games are fun. PS4 and Xbone is just better graphic/power console. But most people will not buy wii u without knowing Wii u is fun. Most people will think greater hardware stats means better games. Hence people prefer ps4 and xbone.

5. Developer only want to work on easy to program console and made as much profit in the shortest time.
Wii U too low install bases equals hardwork and unprofitable. No third party support.

Nintendo just need to do is to give people with exisitng 3ds install base reason to buy wii u . And Wii u will win the console war.
Make a simple device for Wii u that the console and 3DS can communication and play cross platform. The device just need to allow 3ds cartridge to be plugged in like a card reader. People who own 3DS want to have the option to play their 3ds on big TV.. Want to see their bigger pokemon in tv.
Wii U console game can offer download version of the game that can be loaded into a special cartridge in the reader device to play the game on their 3ds which will share the save game from wii u. - Sychronize like palm. Gamer will be able to play 24/7.

DoctorJones1700d ago

How many articles like this are we going to get? I'd prefer an article on ways to save gaming journalism. Number one should be - Think of something original to write about.

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