Is Nintendo Secretly Planning A New Console?

CCC Says: "We’ve been bringing you the latest on the apparent nose dive that Nintendo seemingly finds themselves in these days. It started with the apology that President Satoru Iwata had to provide to investors recently, with the company slashing sales predictions for the early part of the year due to their failing Wii U console (thus causing a significant drop in stocks as a result). Fueled by cryptic comments by Iwata himself regarding “new business structures,” many have been led to believe as of late (myself included) that Nintendo could be re-evaluating their position in the home console market. Was this a sign they would just embrace the strangle-hold they currently hold over the mobile gaming market and just plow a row in the new direction from now on? Frankly, it seemed inevitable. That is, until this latest rumor leaked. A rumor that is almost too unimaginable to believe, yet it’s out there."

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XiSasukeUchiha1635d ago

Yep they are and its called Nintendo Fusion!

MeknSence1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Actually, I think it would be a smart move if they:

1) Making it backwards compatible
2) Offer a discount for trade in the Wii U towards the new system.

If the specs is correct or surpasses both PS4 or Xbone it would stand a big chance of taking 1st or 2nd place. Nintendo need to quit the kiddie gimmicks systems. I don't know about everyone, but I wouldn't mind buying a next gen Nintendo system with Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc. They can keep making the kiddie games, with new technology, but a lot of parents are keeping up with what's current for their kids!

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_QQ_1635d ago

Nintendo if you release a new console before 2017, your done. Consumer trust is the most important thing.

BosSSyndrome1635d ago

Dont know why you got disagrees. Lost faith in the brand is what killed Sega.

mzupeman1635d ago

Eh, not exclusively. There was a loss in faith in Sega's brand for sure, but it was more than that.

Sega stretched themselves pretty thin by releasing and supporting a bunch of different pieces of hardware at the same time. Every time we turned around, Sega released another add-on which they then had to subsequently support with another branching library of games, most of which weren't received very well.

The Dreamcast was Sega's best shot at climbing out of the rut they placed themselves in, but they unfortunately had to go head to head with the N64 and Playstation. The rest from that point on is history, and because the Dreamcast couldn't help Sega out of their financial mess - which was already spiraling down before that console's release - they had to get out of the hardware business and do something else.

Nintendo is in nowhere near the same position as Sega was back then. They're down for the third year in a row, yes, but unlike Sega, they still have a fortune to live off of for quite some time.

Anyway, I'm not sure Nintendo WILL release a new console before 2017. Anything is possible, but the Wii-U has only been out for what, something like 14-15 months? They still have some of their biggest first party titles yet to come. I'm certain this wont' help them sell as many units as they'd like to, but they'll take less and less a loss as time goes on as these games are released. As Zelda, Smash Bros and Mario Kart are released, we'll see more and more consoles being sold.

Of course, Nintendo can also do a few things to help themselves out NOW: Better marketing, first and foremost. AGGRESSIVELY inform people what the Wii-U actually is.

Next, stop supporting the Wii. They've already pretty much done it - The original Wii is gone, and has been replaced with a useless Wii-Mini. Just pull the Mini, so people have no other options on the shelf besides the Wii-U.

Get multiplayer right, and put our purchases on our accounts, and not strictly our hardware.

Get more virtual console titles out... like now.

Outside of that, the only other things they can possibly do, are more proactive than reactive... steps to ensure their longevity.

For starters, work on getting third party support back. That ship has sailed for this gen, but they can start asking devs from other studios what they want out of the next console today, and allow the devs themselves to help shape the next console. If Nintendo keeps releasing their own hardware that's behind on specs and solely focuses on some gimmick to sell software, they're going to find themselves alone yet again.

Invest more and more money in dev teams that are willing to be first/second party. If Nintendo ARE forced to go it alone once again, they need to ensure they have a library of games that provides lots of options. This trickle of games is full of quality, but the quantity is weak. There's only a handful of games coming in the next 6 months, and it's sad.

Yep1635d ago

Would you guys stop spreading rumors? Next thing you know people are going to hold off buying a Wii U thinking that Nintendo is going to can it.

JohnnyTower1635d ago

Its already happening Aces. Gamers are waiting for a price drop or new platform, and Nintendo doesn't want to take any more losses on Wii U by dropping the price. There is a Lord of the Flies mentality around gamers. We just circle and pick on whoever is down. This week is Nintendo, next week Xbox, after that Steambox.

mzupeman1635d ago

Rumors are definitely harmful in this arena. You know, people always say that 'bad press is good press', but not when it comes to selling expensive pieces of hardware. At this point, with all the media coverage out there, public perception - from anyone noticing and reading the article headlines - is that the Wii U is going to fail and that Nintendo are likely going to yank support sooner rather than later. Regardless of the games they have yet to come, all this translates to most of your average consumers, is that they're going to wait and not spend $300 for a console that's dying. It's a shame, I have a lot of fun with my Wii U.

4logpc1635d ago

Idk about secretly...its pretty obvious. Just like Microsoft and Sony, I'm sure they are in the early phases of their next systems.

mzupeman1635d ago

It's obvious that companies begin development on their next generation of consoles really early... a matter of months after a new gen is released, in many cases. However, these rumors are likely bogus because Nintendo are pretty tight-lipped about most everything. They can keep secrets pretty well, and they often surprise us by revealing a game only a year before it's released, or sometimes when the game is only mere months away.

DC7771635d ago

Not sure why some think there are "rules" like you can't sell two consoles at once. Hell MS and Sony are doing it right now and selling a boatload of software porting to both. Had they only had support for X1 and PS4 right now their software sales would be in the toilet because nobody is buying nearly as many as they are for last gen. Yet you expect Nintendo who cannot port games to the Wii to not try and take a similar path.

If Nintendo came out with a high end more adult themed console and ported most games to both they would be golden.

Or they can just stick with the generic vision and hope and pray but as fun as Wii U is the Wii/underpowered/3rd party bashing stigma is not going to go away.

maniacmayhem1635d ago

Yea, but Sony and MS never sold another console two or three years after their first launch.

Sega did with the Dreamcast (I believe it came out 4 years after the Saturn launched)and it killed them financially. They burned their user base, 3rd party developers and retailers.

Nintendo needs to stick it out with the Nintendo WiiU. There is no reason they can't at least turn it around and gain some profitability on it. No need for them to strive to be number one at this point. Just get the unit moving and out there.

DC7771635d ago

I don't doubt it but they still could have a higher end system to keep things rolling instead of just waiting till the bell tolls someday.

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