How the Hell Do You Trademark the Word "Candy?"

CCC Says: "According to an article by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, casual-social developer King has managed to somehow trademark the word “candy” to protect their Bejeweled-like facebook app Candy Crush Saga, and in doing so the UK-based dev has caused a shockwave that’s affecting, or has already affected, other videogame devs who have dared to put the word “candy” in their videogame titles. But it’s not just videogame developers who are being affected by this: accessories, clothing, educational services and electronic devices are apparently all under scrutiny for any use of the word “candy” in their names, as detailed by Trademarkia."

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kalkano1669d ago

I spit in the face of any judge that upholds a lawsuit, based on the trademarking of a single word...ANY word.