Assassin's Creed Development Was A "Mindf*ck of An Experience" Says Ex-Developer

A former employee of Ubisoft reveals information about the turbulent development of Assassin's Creed 3.

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yazter1636d ago

And they still don't have a QA team.

At least it seems like they don't even exist.

OrangePowerz1636d ago

To be fair it's a large game (I dislike AC3) and some issues cam only occure if you play before that a certain way. There are issues in it tough that most of the people come across, but then again they don't have any way of pushing out release dates. So I wouldn't blame their QA department, the same goes for Rockstar and even Dice (BF4 is buggy but that is the fault of the higher ups to release a broken game). Bethesda would be a different story who has game breaking bugs in their games that can corrupt saves, block you from.progressing, crashes or horroble framerate issues and that wide spread and not only for a few people.

1636d ago
Crossbones1636d ago

I'm still pissed off the way they ended AC III and also at AC IV's present day part.

Aleithian1636d ago

AC3's ending was a joke, but then so was the whole game. The fact that they didn't explain what happened to the blonde girl, for instance, left me completely detached (only later did I find out that there was DLC for that). They just had to tie it in to Dec 21 2012.

IV, by contrast, didn't bother me. John's role was a bit predictable, but I don't mind them leaving things open for new iterations this year.

Crossbones1636d ago

IV was good probably up their with AC2 but the present day to me felt like a filler for something bigger to come other than Juno. At this point in the series they're supposed to be looking for a stop to Juno. That stop is suppose to be the descendant of Eve, just like how Desmond is the descendant to Adam. Hopefully the next game they introduce China, the descendant of Eve, and more new gameplay mechanics

ziggurcat1636d ago

There was an ending to AC IV's current day part?

ziggurcat1636d ago

could have fooled me.

after the last mission, nothing happened, and i thought that there was more.

SkippyPaccino1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

They should've just removed the entire Assassins creed angle of it and called it Pirates"something something"1 ...I hate being taken out of the experience to go run around a office...

CrossingEden1636d ago

"Perhaps the most interesting piece of this story to take away here is that the former employee also tells that the development team was so large not everyone knew exactly what was in the game."
-Um, this applies to AC2 aswell, plenty of grunt developers didn't know about some of the features in AC2, what does this guy expect if he's not a lead, you know, the people who're informed about everything that was in the game. A large amount of ubi developers didn't even know about the giant squid in AC3.
-That's how triple A production on this scale works, does he think that the entire GTAV team knew about EVERY mission and that the same people worked on EVERY mission and asset of the game.
-Not to mention that if you read the actual reddit post, at the bottom you can find this tidbit.
"EDIT 2 Ok so I blatantly exaggerated some of my points (Tyranny was in development for longer than I said, a decent amount of people knew how Homestead worked), but keep in mind I typed this up in a fit of frustration in like 2 minutes. It's not a highly formulated, scathing critique on anybody. Take it with a grain of salt I suppose."
So basically what that means is that the entire post is filled with hyperbole because the developer was having a temper tantrum. -_-

OrangePowerz1636d ago

True and depending on his job he would naturally know more or less about the game. If he would be as example a low level developer he would focus on whatever part he is assigned to and wouldn't know much else about the game. One of the best informed department's was probably QA because they have to play it every day compared to all the other department's who most likely won't have much time to play it.

Aleithian1636d ago

Not surprised. Really, the article contains nothing new, though perhaps the Reddit discussion contains more detailed information.

The game was a mess, and completely destroyed the arc of the series (both plot-wise and emotionally). I know that many felt that way about Brotherhood/Revelations, but I personally loved both of those games and in no way see them as poor additions to the series. AC3, by contrast, was a clusterf%&$ from the get-go. 4 has revitalized the series, but I'm still dubious about the direction they'll take the plot.

D-riders1636d ago

Insomniac messed up with this one this game could have been huge on ps4. Oh well guess it won't get to play it.

spicelicka1636d ago

lol wth, I think you meant to comment on the sunset overdrive article before this.

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