Nidhogg - As We Play - Expansive DLC

Games have evolved into massive, expansive worlds, with incredible attention to detail, subtle features and intelligent characterization. Looking at the worlds created by the likes of Bethesda, Crystal Dynamics, Irrational Games, Naughty Dog and others, one would be forgiven for thinking that bigger is always better.

Yet the early days of gaming offered something much lighter. It doesn’t get much more basic than Pong and even the likes of Donkey Kong and Pac-Man had simple ideas but immense replayability. Arguably, that’s something the modern day game lacks. No matter how many New Game + or difficulty sets you add, one playthrough is usually enough to satisfy most people.

It’s fair to say that many modern games lack a long-term ‘hook’ and rather are a showcase for developers to try to bring this industry more in-line with movies and TV with the quality of narrative and set-pieces. And that’s fine, but every once a while, it’s important to be reminded of where we came from.

That’s where Nidhogg plays its part perfectly.

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