Rambo: The Video Game will launch February 21st

The spanish editor confirmed to that the game will be released on February 21st. The Collector's Edition will include the first 3 movies and a Rambo miniature.

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avangerironman1585d ago

i can't believe they mess it up :(

sovietsoldier1585d ago

title should read: Rambo will fail 21st of February.

guitarded771585d ago

...and will be in the bargain bid 2 hours later.

Kornholic1585d ago

I think you're being too harsh on this game. It's like picking on someone who has down syndrome because he has down syndrome.

I can't wait to play this when it hits the bargain bin! :D

DC7771585d ago

Yeah this is one that is so bad it's hilarious. The graphics are so inconsistent, the whole thing seems like a disaster but yet be funny to play and laugh at somehow if it were 5 bucks.

Next article will say it only runs at 30fps 720p though.

snookiegamer1585d ago

I can think of better things to do in Feb :)

guitarded771585d ago

Like punch yourself in the nuts, or drive screws into your eyes... anything but this game.

SKYVVLKR1585d ago

I bet they're not even Blu-Rays...

-Foxtrot1585d ago

...and it will sell like 1000 copies

GarrusVakarian1585d ago

1000? You must be in a generous mood.

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The story is too old to be commented.