Supposed EA Source Harshly Explains Why The Publisher Stopped Supporting Nintendo

iGR: "A supposed source from within EA has reportedly gone on record with some very strong feedback on why Electronic Arts stopped supporting the Wii U platform. In a very lengthy piece over at CVG, an anonymous source at EA stated,"

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While these are harsh words, it is the truth. Nintendo has dug themselves into this hole while remaining stagnate, while the rest of the gaming world grew up. They had a golden opportunity to take over the gaming world by catering to both age groups.

LAWSON721706d ago

Gaming world grew up...
I did not know trying to copy cod and its success was growing up. Oh and milking the consumer base with DLC, franchises releasing every year with minimal improvements or changes, and everything having to cater to the casuals so they can have a larger fanbase while meanwhile losing their old one was growing up. If that is the case I wish the industry would be reborn because it was raised terribly, lol


Calm down....relax and read my comment again slowly, especially the last sentence.

I will also add that Nintendo did not have to do any of the things that you mentioned, as a matter of fact what the did was solely concentrate on children and casuals, which alienated their hardcore fanbase.

They could have remain relevant to all gamers by staying on par in terms of specs and keeping up with new/fresh (while keeping the old ones) hardcore IP's. Nintendo has the $ to do that, but instead they decide to consistently produce an underpowered console with very few games that appeal to the hardcore audience/their original fanbase.

ThatOneGuyThere1706d ago

Nintendo was HOPING that it was already Apple-like. Where they could just release another white box slightly improved yet vastly inferior to other hardware and people would blindly get it because they got the last one. I dont blame them for thinking this way. After all, the only reason the Wii sold like it did was because it impressed easily impressionable people(people who dont usually play games) in the right way. The WiiU is a rude awakening for Nintendo. I don't think they will make this mistake again.

plaZeHD1706d ago

Grew up doesn't mean what you just said.
Think logically.


I don't know if it's fair to say the gameing world grew up. A generation of gamers has grown up yes, but there is also a younger generation of kids that would still love the nintendo games just as much as we did.

That is what nintendo focus on when making games and that is what they are good at. To really make their system appeal to everyone though they still need those games that appeal to that older generation and I think this is where they are thinking they would rely on 3rd parties.

Problem is 3rd parties are not putting in the effort with those games. They just want to throw half arsed ports on the system. And they few that do make the effort to create a great mature game, well it don't sell well enough. It's a hard place to be at I guess.

XiSasukeUchiha1706d ago

Wow EA harshest words i ever heard

ThatOneGuyThere1706d ago

he heard it while reading thanks to his inner voice.

AKissFromDaddy1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

This is a brillant article to read.

"Nintendo must modernize

If any company can inspire Nintendo to reinvent the business, it's Sony. The story of PlayStation across the past five years has been one of a company that has soul-searched for answers on why it lost half its market share, and the drastic changes it made thereafter.

Sony has demonstrated a willingness to go as far as it takes. It has torn itself from its roots in order to adapt with the times."

Great point from the article.

"Nintendo's European and North America offices, which should be hubs for local development support, are little more than sales outposts for skilled marketers like Reggie Fils-Aime. They need to be much more than this."

Another great point.

"One publishing executive, working on perhaps the biggest franchise in games today, recently told CVG that he felt Nintendo "just doesn't care about US developers". He claimed that not only is there a language barrier when studios submit development queries up the chain, but that his studio had to wait days for Nintendo to reply.

Geography and language are not the only obstacles here. Nintendo is willfully ignorant of the plight of third-party studios and indie developers. Ever since the days of cartridges, the corporation has prioritized its own software sales over the livelihood of its development partners."

That's never good. I own a Wii, not a WiiU and I only own Super Smash Bros Brawl & Metroid Prime 3.

However, in my personal opinion, the WiiU needs Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Hotline Miami 2, 140, DOTA 2, Dive Kick, Orcs Must Die 2, Portal 2, The Stanley Parable, Team Fortress 2, Torchlight, XCOM Enemy Unknown + Within, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, The Walking Dead Season 1 + 2, Sanctum 2, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Diablo 3, Final Fastasy XV, Dark Souls 2, Thief, Dying Light, South Park The Stick of Truth, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, Destiny, Borderland 2, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Loadout, Child of Light, etc.

All these games are not on the WiiU. Nintendo needs partners. Without them, they're dead. The only games I want to play on the WiiU are Bayonetta 2 & Super Smash Bros U. I personally won't pay more than $150 for a console for only two games though. The last Zelda I personally loved was Twilght Princess, on Gamecube with the controller, because it had a dark theme.

Finally, Satoru, CEO of Nintendo, has to produce a better online experience. I'm not trying to be mean but the Wii and WiiU are kids systems and it's not appealing.

This is a very long article and there are too many points I agree with. I recommend picking the points you agree with and creating a dialogue. You're free to choose.

LAWSON721706d ago

Why does it need all these games? Are you going to be exclusive to the platform so you could play inferior multiplats. I have said before and I will say it again multiplats will not save the Wii U.

spicelicka1706d ago

Well you're right about multiplats not saving Wii-U. But it does need multiplats to stay relevant to a lot of gamers. Inferiority is better than not having the games at all. I wouldn't buy a Wii-U for just mario and zelda, and if I did then I'd want to play all the multiplats that xbox and playstation share.

The only problem is nintendo's stupid strategy of staying a generation behind hardware-wise. It barely interested me for a few months, as soon as I saw Xbox one and ps4, it was totally irrelevant to me. And in a couple of year interest level will be below zero.

That's not to say the games are bad or that Wii-U exclusives fans made the wrong decisions. That X game looks amazing, but that's exactly the problem. That game would've been relevant to me if it came out 2 years ago. Now it feels totally undermined by next-gen games so I have no need to care.

AKissFromDaddy1706d ago


If any of these ports played better with WiiU's touchscreen, I'd buy the WiiU version.

XCOM Enemy Unknown + Within, Sanctum 2, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Diablo 3, Dark Souls 2, Thief, Dying Light, South Park The Stick of Truth, and Destiny seem like better experiences with the touchscreen in my personal opinion.

Additionally, if Nintendo allowed Valve developed games to update with Steamworks, that's an additionally reason for me, personally, to buy the WiiU. No other console does this and I like Team Fortress 2 & Left 4 Dead 2 mods.

Lastly, indie games are incredibly fun and marketable to all age groups. The last indie game I played and loved was 140. It's incredible and I believe WiiU owners would benefit by playing this simple, artistic game. That's my forecast.

wonderfulmonkeyman1706d ago

Child of light is due for the eshop,iirc.

stuna11706d ago

The points you picked were good points, but notice the disagree/agree ratio!! Here is why! The fanbase/supporters of Nintendo and Nintendo themselves are very like-minded in their assessment of the situation. Being stubbornly set in ones ways is never beneficial from a business standpoint! The business needs to be able to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances. These are qualities Nintendo are sorely lacking at the moment, but the sad reality is my comment will be met with blind, harsh, and undeserved resistance, even though it's the truth.

People including myself have been saying the eventuality of Nintendo current state was going to happen! Not out of hate, at least on my part, but out of genuine concern. Yet supporters have adamantly disagreed no such thing was capable or occurring, even now there are those at this very moment refusing to "See the Forest for the Trees"!

Slashed Sales projections, Posted Profit Loses, Abysmal 3rd party software developers support and lithargic worldwide console sells, etc. Yet without a shadow of a doubt someone will attempt to argue these facts! Apologist or what have you will state, more time is needed or, look at what situation the competitor is in with their hardware oblivious to the fact that pointing out someone elses situation doesn't change your situation! If anything it keeps people focused on your dilemma, openning up the door for scrutiny and comparison.

Being stagnant in the gaming business is a death sentence, and "No man is a Island unto himself!"! Support is the quentessential vehicle to success, and no amounts of denial will change that.

AKissFromDaddy1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )


As I read comments below me, I became disheartened as the commentators blame EA with hostility, while playing ignorant to Nintendo's unsatisfactory flaws.

PostMesmeric writes,"That's the problem with EA's attitude. They sound like a teen who sneaks into a terrible R-rated movie just because the movie had blood and guts in it, trying hard to be "grown-up", but not realizing that being "grown-up" doesn't automatically mean "good."

I 100% disagree. EA is publishing Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. That game looks incredible. EA has published multiple Need For Speed titles on the Wii, a series rated E for Everyone. EA published Dead Space Extraction on the Wii. EA co-published the Harry Potter games on the Wii. EA published sports games from 2012-2008 on the Wii.

EA published Mass Effect 3, FIFA 13, and Need for Speed Most Wanted U on the WiiU. These are good games. EA tries to make money, however, Satoru, CEO of Nintendo, prioritizes Nintendo's own software sales over the livelihood of its development partners.

Nintendo hasn't fought for third parties. Even Bayonetta 2 ended up on WiiU, exclusively, because every other publishers opposed publishing Platinum Games's Bayonetta 2.

Next, wonderfulmonkeyman writes,"Take a look at ea's attempts to support the Wii and Wii U. The majority of their games were crap. Its not Nintendo's fault that ea could not develop new titles for their systems that would cater to an older audience; that's all on ea."

That's subjective, yet on Nintendo's part, they've never even attempted getting the good EA console published games like Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, The Orange Box, Battlefield 4, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Dead Space Trilogy or FIFA 14. Even Titan Fall, before it's exclusivity, wasn't fought for by Nintendo.

Nintendo doesn't even fight for Capcom games like Street Fighter IV: Ultimate Edition on WiiU.

My point is to start blaming Nintendo, exclusively, because they have to change and support third party publisher/developers on their platform, not the other way around.

"Being stagnant in the gaming business is a death sentence.", nothing is truer.

SpiralTear1706d ago

"Being stagnant in the gaming business is a death sentence..."

Did you really say that in favor of EA, a company who loves releasing the same version of a game every year with little to no changes between versions?

stuna11706d ago


That goes for anyone who stagnates! Sure many use EA developed games as a sort of measuring stick, but even they can't continuously make a game without changing something about its core machanics regardless of how small they are or if they're even noticeable.

SpiralTear1706d ago

While I agree Nintendo needs to change, this guy's words tend to say more about EA than Nintendo.

thehitman1706d ago

Not really... EA has an audience they target and Nintendo does not do anything for them its simple as that. Its Nintendo fault for not being able to target an older audience and not being able to grow up with their fan base. Its one thing to want to hold your dear franchises like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon to your heart and keep them always but its another thing to completely bring in a lack of interest from games like CoD, BF4,Halo etc. or just action games other than zeld and metro like UC,GoW, TLOU, AC type of titles. They dont even get the occasional FF type of games I dont see any future in Nintendo besides their handheld market they seem to have locked up.

SpiralTear1706d ago

Like I said, I'm not justifying Nintendo's current condition, because something needs to be done over there. I'm saying that this is a terrible attitude from EA.

If this is legit, EA admitted that the younger demographic is not worth anything to them. They're desperately trying to act adult, while other publishers are making games for all ages. Good games for all ages. Good-SELLING games for all ages. Seriously, look at Skylanders. That's Activision's franchise and it's selling big.

That's the problem with EA's attitude. They sound like a teen who sneaks into a terrible R-rated movie just because the movie had blood and guts in it, trying hard to be "grown-up", but not realizing that being "grown-up" doesn't automatically mean "good."

wonderfulmonkeyman1706d ago

Take a look at ea's attempts to support the Wii and Wii U.
The majority of their games were crap.
Its not Nintendo's fault that ea could not develop new titles for their systems that would cater to an older audience; that's all on ea.

thehitman1706d ago

Well my arguement is that EA can produce w/e they want just like Nintendo can produce whatever they want. Nintendo says fuck the adults and EA says fuck the kids. Guess who is going to win that battle everytime? EA. That is Nintendo problem to deal with regardless of who being what or doing what. EA isnt the only publisher that has that mentality whether they will openly admit it or not is another story. Ubi, Acti and many other publishers probably feel the same way. EA has their faults and problems but I blame this one 95% Nintendo 5% EA.