3D Sonic The Hedgehog Review | Combo Caster

The gameplay is simple and very fluid. Maybe not so much as remember and undoubtedly the second game of the Sonic series is far superior. It is a game that reminds us of a time that marked the mascots consoles and vivianos a war between Sonic and Mario. But times have changed and now we even have Sonic on Nintendo consoles mainly. And the original Sonic is now coming to the 3DS, pretty much the same game that we remember, but in 3D. Unlike the current gameplay and although Sega already when trying to sell the idea of ​​speed, the first Sonic is a very traditional game. Yes it is a bit faster than Mario and Sonic gives some more pirouettes than Nintendo character, but overall is a much slower game than their psychedelic sequelae. The levels have a great design and show that Sega games do not really know, or at least knew at the time.

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