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The Last of Us: Left Behind Trailer, Interview

Following its strong showing in Game of the Year awards industry-wide, all eyes have turned towards the future of The Last of Us. And that would be The Last of Us: Left Behind, the upcoming story-driven epilogue written by TLOU scribe Neil Druckmann and starring Ashley Johnson as Ellie and Yaani King as Riley, Ellie’s older and arguably wiser friend. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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rambi80  +   181d ago
Best Valentines day gift ever
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   181d ago
Games like this are the reason I stick with sony and the playstation brand, over the past 2 generations they have have us games that not only have won goty but have stood the test of time.

Naughty gods are at it again.
TheEnigma313  +   181d ago
I just started playing through this again; man this game is amazing. I would definitely love to see more of the back story of Joel and his brother. Does anyone know if this is the only single player dlc?
Omran  +   181d ago
Oh My God look at the graphics
imagine what naughty will bring
to us in next gen !

i don't care so much about the graphics
but this look very good and I am totally
impressed !

can't wait
Clover904  +   181d ago
My girlfriend is going to be pissed this valentines day :)
Omran  +   181d ago
Play the game with her
Problem solved :)
Ezz2013   180d ago | Immature | show
danthegardner  +   181d ago
You vs Clickers vs Hunters is something I would have liked Naughty Dog to explore in the main game. This is great news for me. I want to sick some clickers on some SOBs.
GribbleGrunger  +   180d ago
There won't be Clickers. Ellie didn't meet them until she began the journey with Joel.
mrdeli  +   181d ago
A lot of people believe Naughty Dog caused the entire gamer nation to pivot in favour of Sony in the final months of last gen. Sony should be really, really thankful for Naughty Dog's expertise.
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Inception  +   181d ago
Oh man, hearing that we can lure clickers so they can attack the hunter are awesome! And why they don't do that too on MP?! Imagine we can lure clickers to our opponent. That will add more depth to the gameplay!
DerekFlint007  +   181d ago
Jacob Minkoff's chin whiskers are awesome.
Justindark  +   180d ago
i just wish this game was longer. hopefully next gen games will be alot longer then 6 hours
Sketchy_Galore  +   180d ago
You know the saddest thing about your stealth trolling is that you're hurting yourself by allowing dumb loyalty to a corporation that doesn't even know who you are to keep you from important, enjoyable and memorable experiences. Stop being a sheep.
Justindark  +   180d ago
What loyalty is that? Let's see, I have every system except the Wii u, ps4, and xbox one. By loyalty you mean having all consoles? Including the handhelds? How is hoping next gens games are longer then this gen trolling? Very few games were very long or worth 60 bucks this gen. Stating a fact that games are way to short now a days is trolling? ha wow enjoyable memorable experience? eh, not to me. You know what was a memorable experience? The ps2. So many good games, also the gb and ds and some wii games like Xenoblade and Ark Rise. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the gnc and Twiligh Princess for the gcn. Panzar dragoon for the first xbox those were memorable games. Maximo, Jak and Daxter; these games were 20 plus hours not the 4 to 6 hours games we get now. Don't spin what I said around to make it seem like I'm trolling...
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famoussasjohn  +   180d ago
The cutscenes alone all together are 3.5 hours long..so..


Perhaps don't skip the cutscenes, play on a higher difficulty, and don't rush through everything?

I assume you're just trolling however which is rather pathetic.
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fenome  +   180d ago
There's no possible way you beat this game in 6 hours dude, especially on a first playthrough.

I alway check every nook and cranny, I like to explore, plus there are so many hidden details to see in this game, that's just me though.
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Justindark  +   180d ago
was stating this gen entirely i said i wish the game was longer? whats wrong with that? and you guys disagree without a real reason or a opinion to back your disagreement. so those who disagree think that this gen have long games and ps2? and ps2 was not filled with great games? if anyone is a sheep and corp slave is those who disagree. at least i play all systems.
fenome  +   178d ago
Actually I stated my disagree, I didn't even push the button. Lol

I thought you were talking about The Last of Us specifically (since that's the only game this thread is about), which does have a campaign longer than 6 hours.

I agree about longer campaigns in most games, 10 hours with no replay value at $60 a pop can be a hard pill to swallow and it sucks.

Don't trip on the disagrees either dude, not everyone is gonna share your opinion on everything. Even people stating irrefutable facts get disagrees. Just be glad you didn't get bubbled down for Off Topic, or Trolling, this place can be harsh sometimes. Lol

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