Titanfall: Forget About Other People, It's Time for Bots

One writer's thoughts on why he isn’t mad about having more bots than humans in an online match.

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NewMonday1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

having many bots in the main MP is just bad game design.

1701d ago
Naga1701d ago

That depends on what you are designing your game to be.

Consider this:
The use of server-side AI brings with it the possibility of running actual campaign missions in a multiplayer setting. A developer could theoretically design a game to run with two sides of a campaign, played out in online multiplayer/AI episodic battles. The AI opponents would facilitate this in a big way, providing the opportunity to have near-scripted events to help develop the story through major events in the mission. If you succeed, you can progress with your party to the next mission/episode, where another battle ensues. You continue onward until the game is complete.

It's not that nothing like that has ever been done before, but imagine the possibilities of designing a game with server-side AI. It opens the door to gameplay which finally transcends the multiplayer/singleplayer divide to tell the story in a new way.

That hardly sounds like bad game design.

NewMonday1701d ago

and after completing the campaign what then?

Naga1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Well, I'm not a game designer, but I would imagine you could selectively replay each episode of the campaign as a purely multiplayer endeavor. After all, it would effectively be a multiplayer game, but with a story. You could also create new challenges unrelated to the campaign, or provide multiplayer only battles for those that want them.

There are a lot of viable options; the game developer need only bring a little creativity to the table.

pompombrum1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

See I agree with what you are saying and can completely see the logic in this but there needs to be AI free game modes imho. Thinking of it as a campaign, campaigns are only fun for so long. I have faith in respawn and much like COD 4 and MW 2, I want Titanfall to be a game I'm still playing in a year's time however there is only so much of the AI I think I can take. Generally speaking, the thought of bots in MP fills most FPS gamers with dread.

Einhert1701d ago

Then after one playthrough of all the scripted events you have seen all the tricks and it becomes more of a meh factor like the "leveloution" (hate that word) on BF4.

monkeyDzoro1701d ago

There's no REAL story in this game since it's just MP modes given for $60.
Putting 4 times more AI in matches than players in a MP game is just cattering to non-players aka noobs and casuals. 4 times more chances to meet an enemy AI than a player isnt a good decision for a MP, when the AI is THAT stupid.

Irishguy951701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Ok @ Above

There are modes without AI in it. Why wouldn't there be? With all the variety of gametypes COD gives you think Respawn would suddenly not do that?

MonkeyDzoro, you have no idea what you're talking about. Just a bandwagoner. There are 26 AI 'Bots'. Which aren't bots btw. There are 12 players and there can be 12 Titans at once on the field. When you are outside your Titan it goes into 'Ai controlled'. I'm not surprised you don't know how it works. I know you didn't look it up, you just looked at a random headline somewhere and assumed your own stuff like most of the haters.

Nice to see you again NewMonday, keep spreading that misinformation

@ Corvus down there, apparently camping has been destroyed say the Alpha testers, Camping doesn't work in this, the Ai and movement of players forces you into the combat zones. Sniping is also now a skill based class and nobody seems to recommend it over other classes. I've heard complaints about the Ai that they are too weak and that 8v8 would be preferred too, there are different types of AI as well of different skill levels. OVerall Alpha testers overall impression seems to be extremely positive. Consista
ent praising the free running and boosters. It's always "Hard to explain, have to play it to believe it"

For me I never cared about the titans. I cared about how you can scale the map. Happy to hear it seems to be almost perfect

In the Alpha test, they were only allowed use one Titan, 2 game modes and 2 maps. The Titan was the heavy class. Ill be choosing the one that has the highest speed because thats how I play most games. Speed and maneuverability is a big thing for me.

Charybdis1700d ago

AI was part of game-design put in to solve problem created by the increased mobility and speed of pilots and to create a feeling of an active battlefield.

With higher mobility they found that players stayed alive much longer, the inclusion of AI is there to increase the pace and improve overall flow of the game.

They aren't really bots of the so called pilots but AI units lacking in skills compared to the pilots, some might even consider them as interactive background set pieces of the map.

JokesOnYou1700d ago

Every single vid I have seen from a Alpha testers= the folks with hands on experience all were impressed with the game. I mean even the last vid I saw last night where the guy said he never saw the AI Grunts kill a human opponent he was still talking about the game as if it was the next best thing. To me that itself says alot because:

#1 If a big negative like easy AI still couldn't taint his overall impression, then the game design must be really good to still make him feel like it's a great game.

#2 Those of us paying attention to detail know that Respawn community manager has said that there will be different AI types, which in context of the response implies to me that there will be different levels of AI/grunts difficulty sort of like Horde mode AI in Gears where depending on enemy type in each round it gets more difficult.

#3 We've only seen a small portion of what the total Titanfall game has to offer in this *Alpha test.

Ron_Danger1700d ago


You described the game Brink...

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TomShoe1701d ago

I feel that no matter what form this game ships in, many people and reviewers have already decided that they're already going to like it.

Sample Review: "Uh, it's borrows a lot of it's design from CoD, and still feels like CoD in general. But it's not CoD, and hey, giant robots! 9/10

mhunterjr1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I don't see how you can make that comment without having played the game. Dota has a similar ratio, has does LoL. As do war strategy games. Personally I see nothing wrong with attempting to blend concepts from other genres. Wether or not it works in titanfall won't be known for sure until release. But the overwhelming majority of people who've played it, enjoy it ... AI and all...

sitesucks1701d ago

then its called multiplayer

Gabenbrah1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Lmfao this guy, every Titanfall post with negative comments and his arm chair developer comments really getting rather pathetic.

That game design won 80+ awards and best of show at every event and has received unanimous praise among those who have played it.

I'll hardly take a member on N4G 24/7 game design criticisms to heart.

Hicken1701d ago

Cuz gamers have no valuable insight on games, right?

Nothing says "multiplayer" like a map full of bots...

Ron_Danger1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Except the version of the game that won 80+ awards was running on modded PC's to run XB1 games and the game is now a shadow of that demo. It was a 7vs7 multiplayer game with bots at E3.

It's getting more and more typical now for games companies to show an awesome trailer or demo really early on in a games development cycle only to completely change it come launch. Resistance on Vita got great previews then tanked at launch. The Deep Down launch trailer compared to recent gameplay. Forza 5 gameplay at E3 compared to at launch. The Killzone 2 trailer years ago. The Milo Kinnect demo at E3. It's about hype, and that's a trend that will never die.

JokesOnYou1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Cuz gamers like NewMonday/Maria have valuable insight on Xbox related games that are not on ps4, right?

Nothing says "trolling" like a n4g Xbox news thread full of the usual ps fanboys...

-lol Nobody is that naive NewMonday/Maria and the usual ps crowd like you hate xbox/micro so yes definitely for me and I imagine for most gamers interested in xbox related news your opinions are irrelevant to those seeking more info on a highly anticipated X1 games, especially games that are highly praised; they always seem to draw a fair amount of bitterness like many other games that are not available for the ps platform.

Ron_Danger1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

@ Jokes

You calling anyone else a fanboy is beyond laughable. Did you ever stop to think that the reason that Sony fanboys are in Titanfall articles is because the game is also coming out on, wait for it, PC?! I'm a Sony fanboy to the end and I've been reading Titanfall articles because I have a PC capable of running the Source engine and I love gaming in general. The whole "console exclusive" mindset needs to die.

JokesOnYou1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Ron Danger yes I'm a xbox fan, but beleive it or not I like ps too its just that given my favortism for xbox gaming I definitely think ps fanboys are the worst bunch in gaming, if that makes a xboxfanboy I happily accept your label. Still I dont see the need to troll ps articles.

So get real and give me a break with the PC arguement. I'm glad that more folks get to play this game on pc but you and I both know that Xbox/pc games are targets of hate from ps fanboys on n4g. I've been on this site a very long time and it happens ALL the time because FACT it's not on ps4, and as soon as news was out that THIS game specifically was locked up by Microsoft through a deal with EA and was for sure not coming to ps4 the hate only intensified which just adds to my point that ps fans are always downplaying a game that's praised if it's NOT on ps4= The reason is simple despite its presence on pc the game in the minds of most outside of forums is heavily associated with xbox brand and thus considered exclusive, further it IS console exclusive to xbox platforms, essentially helping the xbox platform console sales vs the competition which is NOT pc but mainly the ps4, as the wii u really isn't competitive with either these days.

Notice that pc talk by usually pro sony members ramp up only on xbox/pc games yet traditionally xbox/pc games sell the lions share on Xbox and the same pro sony folks never scream in every 3rd party game that's on xbox/pc/ps4 like AC Blackflag for example that they are getting the best version on pc instead of ps4.

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DeadlyFire1701d ago

You know Call of Duty is going to copy this design though.

andrewsqual1700d ago

You mean those things in the newest COD game? Okay.

pandehz1700d ago

Uh oh New Monday on a Thursday?

What hell is this?

Well good for you. You did manage a first post troll on a TITANFALL ARTICLE.

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Axios21701d ago


No amount of obsessed fanboy spamming can change the overwhelmingly positive reviews

Nor the strong pre-orders, particularly on X1

Standby for TitanFall

MightyNoX1700d ago

Walk away, Joel. Don't make eye contact. You can see the crazy in its eyes.

pandehz1700d ago

Yes alpha players positive reviews.

Armadilo211701d ago

that's why I think in the end Destiny the game that people are riding off as competitive will actually be more competitive than Titanfall

Ripsta7th1701d ago

I guess people will like this game because it will give the illusion that you are fuckn beast , when in reality the bots are worst than zombies(cod) lol

corvusmd1701d ago

I haven't played it yet, but judging by everyone's reaction...this game is amazing and even the biggest nay-sayers come back loving I'm sure it's fine. But I see the bots and the titan count down both as genius attempts to try to minimize campers...something has always plagued COD. By letting players know that you're being timed to get your titan..and that going out there and getting kills will help you get it faster/on par with the other makes players go out and get kills. By also adding bots that won't sit in a corner with a shotgun waiting all game...those that DO camp will end up falling behind as other players rack up kills and get their titans. The campers will actually have to move and try to protect their bots from the other team.

There is NO way to completely eliminate campers, but I see these as two really good ways to encourage NOT camping.

001701d ago

that's because it's a casual noob game, every one will feel like a badass king because the game holds your hand all the way through.

I'm not even that good of a FPS player but there is no challenge when most of your enemies you fight are brain dead bots.

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