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The 30 greatest video games that time forgot

From lost adventures to forgotten puzzlers, here are the classic titles that games history has cruelly overlooked. (Alter Ego, Arcade, BioForge, Bust A Groove, GameCube, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Retro, Xbox)

mastershredder  +   629d ago
Oni?...Oni is not a classic, unless you want to consider it as a classic unfinished game. A cool idea at that time, but very forgettable.
3-4-5  +   629d ago
Herzog Zwei is STILL better than most games that are released today, and it was released in 1989.

The Art style, music, Gameplay, how fluid and smooth it was, the game modes and maps, 2 person head to head.

OMG it was like nothing I had played at the time, and not many know of this true gem.

Another one is General Chaos.

Two Sega Genesis games that need to be remade but most people have never heard of.

What a shame.
mastershredder  +   629d ago
Herzog Zwei. Hell yes! You get a bubble just for making me reminisce of that Genesis classic. I got that one as a freebee from Sega when the console launched. Oh..what a time...what a console!
k2d  +   628d ago
I notice you have a lot of agrees, but not everyone supports your viewpoint. Oni was in my opinion an excellent game, something that user-reviews on metacritic supports me on. It was first and foremost an rewarding beat-em-up game, that also catered to fans of 3rd person shooters.

If you can point out how it was unfinished and what could have made it better in so regards, we could have more interesting conversation.
mastershredder  +   627d ago
I talked to staff members that worked on the project (many, many years ago). It was not finished. It was rushed out the door (PS2 launch era). Ever notice how so many environments were so empty? User reviews and metacritic (which was 69/100?) support you? Do they know you? I'm just teasing, but seriously you can take user reviews and metacritic and toss them right out the door. It's all about how YOU like it. If you like it, then cool, you got something out of it. As for myself, I did not.
Nerdmaster  +   629d ago
Bust a Groove 2 was a really good game.
ChipChipperson  +   629d ago
I used to play the demo non stop, that was on an OPM demo disc which had Akuji The Heartless and Syphon Filter.
Gardenia  +   629d ago
Freedom Fighters was great
Detoxx  +   629d ago
Spend so many hours playing that game on the original Xbox!
thelastawakening  +   629d ago
Time forgot them because they weren't that great !!
Simco876  +   629d ago
Bust a Groove! The EZ mouse hasn't been forgotten!

We loved that game in high school, mainly because break dancing was getting big in certain social circles. Game was amazing.
barb_wire  +   629d ago
Damn criminal that there has never been a sequel to
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - one of the finest games I've ever played.
JohnnyTower  +   629d ago
I heard Ninty renewed the Trademark for Eternal Darkness, so there may be hope yet for that sequel. I completely agree that game was something special.
ChipChipperson  +   629d ago
Nice list, about time Bust A Groove, Gitaroo Man and Tenchu are getting some more love.
CorndogBurglar  +   629d ago
Oni was absolute garbage.
knifefight  +   624d ago
I came here to post this as well.
My work here is done.
JohnnyTower  +   629d ago
Am I the only one that misses Jet Force Gemini? It is a damn shame nobody has done anything with that IP.
segamon  +   629d ago
Beautiful list, thank you. My favorite is Little Big Adventure i loved this game very much. I'd also add Ecstatica.. so many old and beautiful gaming memories.
antikbaka  +   629d ago
neverhood, little big adventure..and Oni, donno but i really liked it.
Tainted Gene  +   629d ago
Tenchu (ps1) FTW
il-JumperMT  +   628d ago
Dino Crisis

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