Bound by Flame: 'No Plans Right Now For Xbox One'

Bound by Flame developer Spiders has "no plans" to bring the upcoming action-RPG to Microsoft's Xbox One in the near future.

Speaking to IGN, producer Walid Miled confirmed that the game is currently targeting PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC only, though an Xbox One version may happen some time down the line.

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never heard of it but it's good that they aren't holding off or delaying others versions just for a simultaneous X1 release.

Was any of that trailer representative of in-game game play? Like is it a 3rd person action-based rpg or something else? I might be interested if it is but if it's like top down with a far pulled back camera :/

rafaman1518d ago

Thank god I kept my 360

ksnm01518d ago

I'm not interested in this game...

xfear2diex1518d ago

it's dose not scream next gen so...
if it on two disk on 360 then ps3 is the way
i don,t want to disgrace the new systems by buying cheap ports from last gen with no big changes expect for mgs5

Stringerbell1518d ago

A lot of hate and fake apathy in these comments. This game looks sweet!

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