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Submitted by lifesanrpg 750d ago | news

GameStop on PS4 demand: 'Selling out as quickly as we could stock them'

GameZone writes, "GameStop has acknowledged overwhelming demand for the PlayStation 4 console. In a release announcing the arrival of a new shipment of PS4 consoles, the retailer shed some light on the type of demand it experienced over the holiday season." (PS4)

Hatsune-Miku  +   750d ago | Well said
Thats what happens when you make aquality product, it sells out constantly.

Ps4 is the future and the future is Ps4
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Mikelarry  +   750d ago
if "without alot of games" as some will like to believe (but i digress) and its selling out this fast imagine when infamous, drive club and other unannounced games starting coming out out.... get them while they are hot kids
sobekflakmonkey  +   750d ago
yeah, I'm ridiculously stoked for Driveclub, more so than I am Infamous second son; Now I know I may be in the minority on that, but I've been waiting so long for a really good arcade/sim racer that has an awesome soundtrack and looks awesome as well.

On another note, really looking forward to The Order. Not so many games now, but my god...the future is looking mighty bright.
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GTgamer  +   750d ago
I can see Yoshida And Cerny right now :P.
izumo_lee  +   750d ago
Even though the PS4 doesn't have a lot of games i think that the Playroom twitch phenomenon is one of the reasons the console is selling out.

People have the urge to be recognized & even for a few minutes the Playroom Twitch streaming can do just that. 5 secs of fame that's what some people are looking for.

It'll get more crazy when the quality games do begin to show up.
FamilyGuy  +   750d ago
$400 is a very enticing buy-in price for a new console gaming system. Add to that Sonys track record: their number of exclusives, the quality of the first party games, the hardware, the consistent updates, PS+ being praised left and right (which it deserves).
For anyone that reads gaming news and looks in to it they also know of all the added bonuses like the amount of F2P games to try out, The Playroom and its kid-friendly fun, the game streaming, game clip recording, the new controller and the praise it's been getting.

It just makes sense, Sony hasn't really stumbled with their PS4 launch. DriveClubs delay was they only real set back but even that game is getting a lot of attention because of how stunning it looks given that extra development time.
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Freedomland  +   750d ago
Mighty PS4
dedicatedtogamers  +   750d ago
I am slightly surprised to see it still sold-out even a full month after the holidays. If this momentum continues until the end of February, then we can officially say Sony is on a roll.
fanboybeatdown  +   750d ago
Hey there. all gamers.

PS4 is not sold out.
You can buy a brand new, unopened PS4, with valid warranty. Always available:

Catch: They cost $500, same as the XBO.

NO need to hurry.
PS4s are always available for sale at that price.
Go figure, huh?

Just trying to help, really.
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badboy776  +   750d ago

"End Of Commercial Voice"
kreate  +   750d ago
GrubsterBeater  +   750d ago
I want to see an updated version of that old PlayStation One commercial, where they say "This might look like a harmless bagel toaster, but inside is a deadly doughnut" hahahaha
GarrusVakarian  +   750d ago
Like i said, they can't make 'em as fast they sell 'em!

Ive never seen this demand before....but it's to be expected when you look at what the PS3 turned into, it went from "PS3 has no games", "glorified blu ray player" to having the most, best looking and best rated exclusives and the best value paid service on consoles.

The combination of the best 1st party devs in the business, the ridiculous value of PS plus, power, price and a 20 year track record of giving gamers exactly what they want are the reasons the PS4 is doing so well.
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GTgamer  +   750d ago
PS4 sells out everytime what a thang what a thang these things literally sell themselves.
3-4-5  +   750d ago
They are lucky to get such a good dedicated install base in before they even have a ton of good games.

Will entice more dev's to make games because there are so many people waiting to play them.
DJMarty  +   750d ago
True, and X1 sits on the shelves getting dusty:)
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   750d ago
Power the PS4 demand so strong it's a power level is 1,000,000.
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HighResHero  +   750d ago
Whoa! <Keanu Voice>

Then they must be from the future. When they are done populating, they will get organized and begin the reconstruction of the matrix. =8^|
Monolith  +   750d ago
Hahahaha that made me laugh!
Wizziokid  +   750d ago
Good news for Sony, glad I got mine early, it's going to be another great year for gamers what ever console they choose.
DanielGearSolid  +   750d ago
I think they made the right decision releasing in so many Regions
TheEnigma313  +   750d ago
I reserved mines back in june of last year. I had a feeling once Sony announced the price tag this thing would have a high demand.
RoboticusRex  +   750d ago
PlayStation hotcakes
stuna1  +   750d ago
Mmmm! Buttery.
s8anicslayer  +   750d ago
Got syrup?
microgenius  +   750d ago
wonder if it could break the PS2 record
WeAreLegion  +   750d ago
At this rate, it could. I'm hoping a surge of Japanese developers coming back to the system will do just that.
BattleReach  +   750d ago
There's too many people everywhere!!
snookiegamer  +   750d ago
Wow! PS4 is flying off those shelves. The people can't get enough!!! :)

"Sell! Sell! Sell!...turn those machines back on!"

....a line taken from the awesome Eddie Murphy/Dan Ackroyd movie 'Trading Places' :)
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younglj01  +   750d ago
AiirJordann23  +   750d ago
they had some last week but it was online tho
Sokol  +   750d ago
Its a great sign, looking forward to many games this year alone :)
BigDog55  +   750d ago
I was just at Walmart and there was one PS4 and about ten X1's including a launch day model !!
pyramidshead  +   750d ago
5eriously  +   750d ago
That CRAZY demand, that Incredable power,... That (lost for words, lump in throat) PS4....
IReadTheArticle   750d ago | Spam
GentlemenRUs  +   750d ago
And this is why you pre-order very early :P

Enjoying mine like there's no tomorrow!
Ripsta7th  +   750d ago
Thank god i pre ordered or else i wouldve been stressing trying to get one still
Masterh0ppa  +   750d ago
Got me a ps 4 when it got out.. and I have to say I just dont feel the hype.. I mean the exclusive titles sure for the singplayer its pretty aweseom to play on ps4.. but that's about it.. third party games I play on my pc cause it's just way better. And multiplayer games I will play on my xbox one.. cause xbox live is still miles ahead of psn..
snookiegamer  +   750d ago
Not feeling the Hype? think PSN is inferior to Xbox Live? I'm sorry that you don't seem to be enjoying your PS4 much outside of the single player exclusives ;(

Did you do any research before you purchased it? Perhaps you can get a refund, or put it on ebay?

You're entitled to feel the way you do...but there are plenty of people who can't get their hands on one, who will probably appreciate your PS4 more than you do.

Finally... 'Do you really actually own a PS4?' Hmmm

#A PS4's for life, not just for Christmas ;/
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GTgamer  +   750d ago
Yup your 7 comments in your comment history really say it all did you make your account to troll i wonder.
snookiegamer  +   750d ago
How right you are, well detected.

Thank you comments shows in spite of you 'claiming' to own a PS4, you have stated not one positive thing about it.

Masterh0ppa 's trolling by stealth. Trying desperately to fool us, but you're only fooling yourself!

Why bother, just why?
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Dynasty2021   750d ago | Trolling | show
N311V  +   750d ago
I'd like to know what the situation was in each territory PS4 released in. In Australia the first two shippments sold out via preorder before they arrived, it looks like February's preorder demand is being met and they may not sell out.
TristanPR77  +   750d ago
It must be very humiliating to the Xbox community that the console that they say has NO Games is beating the Xbone everywhere, worldwide and have a high demand as no other gaming console in history.
LogicStomper  +   750d ago
Here's your argument in standard form.

1) Xbox community says that PS4 has NO games
2) PS4 is outselling the Xbox One everywhere
3) PS4 has a higher demand as no other gaming console in history.


Conclusion: It must be very humiliating for the Xbox community.

If I *assume* all your premises to be true. Then yes, the Xbox community should feel very humiliated because they said the PS4 has "NO games" when in fact, it does. Your second and third premise however, is a failure with relevance, as the truth or falsity of them do not contribute anything towards the conclusion. For example, how does PS4 out-selling the Xbox One make the Xbox community feel humiliated? It doesn't, unless you're one of 'those' people who only cares about the company rather than themselves.

So now the valid part of your argument only consists of the following:

1) Xbox community says that PS4 has NO games


Conclusion: It must be very humiliating for the Xbox community.

Now let's look at the plausibility of that premise. Where is the evidence that the Xbox community said that the PS4 has NO games? I sure can't find it. Don't give me 1-10 examples, because is nowhere near enough to show the views of the Xbox Community. Even through Google I can't find it, so the plausibility of that premise is null, meaning all you have left is a conclusion with no valid premises to support it.

Looks like your argument is invalid. Disagree all your want, but only words will prove anything.
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Cryptcuzz  +   750d ago
I just bought my third PS4 yesterday (One for myself, my youngest brother on launch day, and then one for my other younger brother yesterday) and was surprised at how hard it was to locate one.

Called every local Gamestop, Walmart, Fry's Electronics, and Target in San Jose, Santa Clara, and Milpitas in Califronia.

For anyone looking for one in the San Jose Bay Area region in California, I was able to buy one at Bestbuy on Curtner Ave in San Jose.

I called and the automated machines told me they had PS4 in stock but in limited supplies. Waited to talk to a sales rep to confirm. Once confirmed I left work early and bought my third PS4!
ironmonkey  +   749d ago
was out today and was gone when i got there. everywhere.

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