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Our Five Favorite Fable Weapons Remastered in Fable Anniversary

Xbox Wire:

With the February 4th release of “Fable Anniversary” just around the corner, we here at Xbox Wire figured this would be the perfect time to take a look back at some of our favorite memories from “Fable” and “Fable: The Lost Chapters.” This week, we’ll reveal some of our favorite remastered weapons from the game. Nearly all of them fall into the Legendary Weapon category, as that’s what makes them so memorable. Because, really, does anyone consider the Iron Longsword as their favorite weapon? (Fable Anniversary, Xbox 360)

CustardTrout  +   620d ago
It's a sad day when you're most anticipated game before March is a remake.
djplonker   620d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
malokevi  +   620d ago
I played enough of Fable 1 when it was released, so I'll pass on this. In February I'll be playing PVZ and Spark, and in March I'll be playing Titanfall and Infamous, and hopefully Watchdogs.

It's never a sad day when you play videogames, my friend.
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djplonker  +   620d ago
The fable series gets worse everytime a new one is released!

The first fable is my favourite origanal xbox game tied with conkers bad fur day live and reloaded!
Pogmathoin  +   620d ago
The only reason I will get this is to play the first again. Each installment just got too easy, was impossible not to succeed, but showed promise....shame...

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