Xbox One: Is a Price Cut Really Happening?

Xbox One sales aren’t struggling, but one retailer decided to cut the system’s price. Could this cut signal the beginning of more price cuts globally?

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Excalibur1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

My understanding is that retailer is going out of business, dunno if it is true or not as I live in the U.S.

Mikelarry1490d ago

they have been " going out of business" for a while now, but down here in the UK only zavvi is offering that deal

donnieboy1490d ago

Id be seriously pissed, I spent $500 straight for this thing...

Mikelarry1490d ago

lol you do know that price cut happen with every product or service, you chose to buy it at that price a gamble you took just enjoy your console.

donnieboy1490d ago

Not a couples months after release tho...

Gekko361489d ago

@donnieboy -

Use the word "Piss't" as in "Piss't Off" or "Pretty Piss't" (as Americans say) because "Pissed" means Drunk! lol

On Topic: I agree with you completely, this reminds me of when the original Xbox came out and I bought it the same day, then a few months later Sony dropped the price of the PS2 by £100 and so Microsoft had to drop the price of the Xbox by the same.

Though I fount out through OXM that If I posted proof that I bought my Xbox before the price drop, then I'd get £150 worth of games and an extra controller, which I did.

If something similar happened with X1, which I seriously doubt mind, then I would expect Microsoft would do the same.

Thought I'm sure the [email protected] W!ts on here would spin this into a negative though

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vgcgames1489d ago

Judging by their new marketing plan I'd say one is coming down the pipes.

Jdoki1489d ago

Could be a number of reasons.

Maybe they just want to try and capture sales as we come up to the 1st payday of the new year.

Maybe it's because we are coming up to the end of the financial year. If Zavvi overstocked on the XB1 expecting higher demand, they may be looking to offload some of them to help improve the balance sheet. If I recall Zavvi were in a bit of trouble a few years back when they took over Virgin megastores and had to sell them off. I think Zavvi were then bought by The Hut group, so maybe they need to improve liquidity.

I'm pretty sure this isn't a sign MS are dropping the price any time soon.

deepio1489d ago

Why would they need a price cut? It's selling better than the 360 did and how long did it take for that price of that to drop! Zavvi is dying, it needs sales, that is all this is.

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