Kingdom Come: Deliverance Will be Episodic, First Chapter Includes 30+ Hours of Gameplay

OnlySP: New details on Kingdom Come: Deliverance were revealed today.

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NYC_Gamer1669d ago

I'm going to back this game because i like the concept

1669d ago
Ripsta7th1669d ago

Dnt buy it guys, speak w yours wallets, they are tryimg to increase the price of games. Each episode is around 35 they said, so w 3 epusodes that makes it out be over $100!!!

PockyKing1669d ago

30+ hours of gameplay with each. A lot of games give you half of that and charge you 60 bucks.

infectedaztec1669d ago

Wait...will it not be open world?

PockyKing1669d ago

It's open world. You can go back and finish other quests etc or just explore.