PS3 Exclusive “If You Thought it Was a Harem Heaven, it Was a Yandere Hell” Unveiled With Screens

If you were curious about the newly announced PS3 exclusive by Nippon Ichi Software If You Thought it Was a Harem Heaven, it Was a Yandere Hell, and hoped to know more about it, I come bearing gift, as the developer sent us quite a lot of information and a nice batch of screenshots and artwork to introduce the game.

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WeAreLegion1642d ago

Might want to change the title if you bring it west.

Acquiescence1642d ago

Haha, you think there's a chance this is coming to the West.

JohnnyTower1642d ago

Japanese titles are famously bad. Bravely Default, metal gear solid, kingdom hearts... I could go on and on. There is obviously a lot lost in translation.

donwel1642d ago

You've not been gaming for very long have you?
I think you may find that the worst games have come from, and continue to come from western companies.

Deep-throat1642d ago

Those games are bad? Famously bad too?

Haha... ha... HA

AsimLeonheart1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

For a moment I thought you were referring to Japanese games when you said "titles" then I realized you were talking about the names. :p I kind of agree with that... Remember that Xbox360 JRPG: Infinite Undiscovery? I still cant translate that in to my language or comprehend its meaning... Dont get me wrong guys, I am a hardcore JRPG/Japanese games fan and have been playing them since the 80s but Japanese games title (names) often do not mean anything if you try to translate them in your language or try to make sense of them.

EDIT: I think others are making the same mistake too. By the word "title" they are understanding it as "games". He only meant the names guys... I think...

KonsoruMasuta1642d ago

None of the ones you listed were bad.

JohnnyTower1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I've been gaming over 20 years son. And just because the titles are terrible doesn't mean the games suck. In no way shape or form did I say that.
Edit-Jeez you guys need to lighten up and actually read the comments before lynching.

donwel1642d ago

@JohnnyTower Oh you meant the titles of the games themselves? Good god son be more specific haha.
I apologise, I admit I did jump to conclusions there. In any case, I will agree with you, there are some good old nippon games that fall foul of translation in the naming department.

360ICE1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

"Titles" was an ambigious word to use, as it in this context can mean both game and name. I take it, however, that you meant name?

In that case, I agree, even though most of the titles with badly translated names are pretty old.

Not that titles like Killzone, Red Dead Redemption and Duke Nukem make that much sense either.

3-4-51642d ago

They're titles are often like 4-5 times longer than ours are.

Made up Example:

* US - journey of the champion

* Japan - Legendary journey across mountains, sea, sky, and village to search for the wandering witch

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Hicken1642d ago

The only people who'd be interested in the game- it's a visual novel, after all- are those who wouldn't be put off by the title, anyway.

RoboticusRex1642d ago

Haha, I love the title. Normalizing is boring.

WeAreLegion1642d ago

It is, but some games would sell better with more culture-friendly titles.

RoboticusRex1642d ago

True, but the people who would buy it would want it for the Japanese culture, which includes the strangely translated titles. Although I seriously doubt this game will ever be released in the west.

Deep-throat1642d ago Show