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The Witcher 3 Dev Comment On PC vs PS4/XOne Port Differences: "Won't Be Huge, They're Brand New PCs"

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the next installment in popular The Witcher franchise and the final chapter Geralt saga is all set to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2014. For the first time CD Projekt RED is working on a game across platforms simultaneously. (PC, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox One)

_QQ_  +   586d ago
Untill the mods happen.
Raiz  +   586d ago
is mod support confirmed for PC version of The Witcher 3?
Pandamobile  +   586d ago
The previous game had official tools available for it, so it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that CDPR would do the same for TW3.
--bienio--  +   586d ago
Yes Mate😊
Irishguy95  +   586d ago
I'm guessing a 560ti will have this game at medium settings with some on high. Which is around where the console versions will lay.
Daniel_Potter  +   586d ago
Plus along with that, PC gets free DLC's, console's on the other hand have a paywall to go through first
Quite fair though, it's the console gamers that made DLC whoring possible, so they should suffer
IRetrouk  +   586d ago

add ons and paid for dlc started on pc not consoles
FamilyGuy  +   586d ago
It'd be cool if the consoles supported mods, it's not like it's impossible, UT3 on PS3 was proof to that. They wouldn't be able to up the quality but they could add in some fun. Problem with doing it on consoles really boils down to devs wanting to sell DLC. DLC blew up last gen so hope for console games allowing mods is pretty much dashed but there could always be some dev interested in purely pleasing its fans by adding it.
Pandamobile  +   586d ago
Allowing mods on the console version of TW3 would be a massive undertaking for CDPR. Any changes to a console game post launch has the potential to unlock a seemingly infinite number of security risks and system loop holes that it's no wonder Sony and MS don't support it.

If you want to mod your game, get the PC version. It's as simple as that.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   586d ago
AWWWwww...PC Master Race am cry.
starchild  +   586d ago
"For PC, which in theory is infinitely scalable, you’ll be able to get more, but you have to invest. On the consoles, the difference will not be huge because they’re actually brand new PCs. So I think gamers on each platform will get an extremely good experience and they should be very satisfied with the quality."

A very diplomatic sort of response there. It also isn't clear whether he meant the difference between the consoles won't be huge or whether the difference between the consoles and PC won't be huge.

In any case, despite what developers often say, I have never found a multiplat where the difference wasn't significant.

To me the difference between 30fps (with dips) and 60fps is huge. The difference between having jaggies crawling all over the screen and a crisp clean image quality IS a huge difference. The density of foliage, shadow quality, higher precision effects, better texture filtering, and all the other things we usually see DO make a big difference to me.

I'm not saying the console versions won't be beautiful or enjoyable. I'm sure they will be great games in their own right. I'm just saying that for those of us that care a little more about image quality the PC version is still going to be the best bet.
Ps4Console  +   585d ago
I will get mine on Pc .
MestreRothN4G  +   586d ago
And the game is release to PS4 and X1 performing at less than 30 fps. (words from the devs themselves)
wtopez  +   586d ago
In combat focused games, the framerate is a BIG deal. For me at least. That's why, again for me, PC is gonna be the definitive version.
ThePope  +   586d ago
While fast paced, The Witcher 2 (which is our only reference point) was not nearly as fast paced as an FPS. It would be more comparable to AC: BF than, than anything else, where 30 FPS is plenty.
MestreRothN4G  +   586d ago
Surely 30 fps is acceptable.

The problem is... 30 fps is more than they will achieve. And below 30 fps, on a 8 GB "brand new" machine, is not acceptable at all.
ThePope  +   586d ago

CDPR said it would be less than 30 FPS? No offense, I have a hard time believing that.
Tzuno  +   586d ago
what do you expect from crap hardware with amd cpu.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   586d ago
@MestriRoth, RAM has nothing to due with Frame rate my man
DeadRabbits  +   586d ago
Mods are for enthusiasts, most of will have moved onto other games by the time a mod comes out.
SirBradders  +   586d ago
Mods are what enable games to become replayable and/or improved/peraonalised. Just look at skyrim and total war series as an example.
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DoctorJones  +   586d ago
Day Z is a mod, and is one of the most popular games on pc. Mods are more than just for 'enthusiasts', they're important to a lot of gamers.
MicDude  +   586d ago
Garry's Mod (fitting name) actually started out as a Counter Strike mod...just thought I'd throw that in there
liquidhalos  +   585d ago
i dunno about that, i still enjoy HL2 and oblivion mods to this day. If a game is fun and highly eerm, moddable? (is that a word) people will keep coming back. You get a much bigger bang for your buck and some amazing experiences.

My pc isnt good enough to max out Witcher 3 so ill probably get it on PS4.
JsonHenry  +   586d ago
You know, not that big a difference... until you want to turn draw distance to max, shadow details to extreme, SSAO/HBAO, AF x16, AAx4 or higher, resolution native at 1080p+, higher fps, stereoscopic 3D, or Ubersampling on. :)
Volkama  +   586d ago
You are talking to a niche audience, but you are absolutely right.
JsonHenry  +   586d ago
Niche is correct. I've seen the video of PS4 version of TW3 and I don't think if it was my only option to play on that I would be upset. It is very "next gen" and the stuff that actually makes the game good (gameplay, story, presentation, etc..) is all there.

Just I HATE PR statements like this. It either means he is telling a lie or they gimped the PC version. Which I doubt is true so he is willfully telling a lie.
Volkama  +   586d ago
But Project Red are the only good guys left in the industry! Give them the benefit of the doubt, they give free upgrades to their enhanced editions :)
webeblazing  +   586d ago
niche for something that most pc games have? people try to spin the perks of pc gaming so much on this site. if xbone run at a lower res we all know how this site would look with the doom and resolution matters articles.
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Volkama  +   586d ago
Don't try so hard webeblazing. I said a niche audience, nothing about how common the features are. Most PC games may support those features, but they are implemented for a niche audience.

I am firmly part of that audience, so I'm not really here to downplay it.
Chrischi1988  +   586d ago
Brand new PCs^^ Sure, I can get a new Laptop for $299 from amazon, that thing is also new, doesnt really say much about it being able of handling a game like the Witcher 3. I know there is a lot of optimzing going on, when it comes to consoles, but still, you only pay $399 for a PS4, to act like that is a high end PC is hilarious, it is mid range at best, but because of optimizing the games of this year will look great, but dont expect toooo much the coming years, especially since they use X86 architecture for their CPUs.

Dont want to downplay anything here, but I dont like comments like that, because anyone with common sense should know a little better then just eat up everything, a dev from any studio says, they want to make money selling these games everywhere, not on just 1 plattform.
Yodagamer  +   586d ago
Here we are with the argument that ps4 games won't improve over time just because it pc parts. If we look at the original xbox which was basicly a intel x64 cpu and a nvidia gpu. Xbox games looked so much better as it goes along. It's not the type of hardware that helps as it goes along, but the coding improvements.
starchild  +   586d ago

Yes, you are correct. The biggest reason for the improvement in visuals over time isn't due to devs unlocking magic performance in the consoles, but rather the development of new graphics techniques and technologies.

The problem is, some people act like this is unique to consoles, when it actually benefits PCs equally.
Metallox  +   586d ago
Well, it's the true after all xD
kingPoS  +   586d ago
Unreal Tournament 3 had mods... and they were awesome. I'd like to see something like that happen again.

Gateway MT6706 2008
beatled   586d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Gabenbrah  +   586d ago
The PC version will look light years better, especially once mode release,XB1 and PS4 will be probs look the same.
yezz  +   586d ago
I always hear people talking about the PC version like it's the same for all of us.. It's not going to look the same on mid-high PC than on 2000$ super PC.
Psychotica  +   586d ago
"The Witcher 3 performance on PC will be the best, but gamers need to make an investment on their gaming rig to achieve it." - How much of an investment is the question..
anticlimax  +   586d ago
If TW2 is any indication, a big one. And especially if you've got an amd gpu (like me).
Chrischi1988  +   586d ago
The graphicscard probably, most games run on 4 CPU cores or even less nowadays. So you dont need a super good CPU for most games, not even on high settings, the graphics card is the most important and of course enough RAM for all the tasks.

If you have an PC, which is about 2 years old, an graphics card upgrade should easily do the trick.

And we all should not forget, that on PC, we get super crazy game deals. 2 weeks ago I bought the complete Edition of Counter Strike for 7,50€ on Steam, all versions, not only one.
ShutUpDonny   586d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
SlapHappyJesus  +   586d ago
Let's be honest here, even if the game will look reasonably close on all platforms, do you really believe a game like Witcher 3 will be running any higher than 30fps?
They are nice words from the developer and they really do want everyone to have a great experience, but let's be real here.
We are talking half, if that, the performance that I will be getting with a card that I've owned for two years now.
The consoles are indeed new PCs, but they aren't high-end.
The "investment" they are talking can be had for around $800 with today's tech, if that.
anticlimax  +   586d ago
800 is not a small number tho. I'm a pc gamer, and I sure can't afford it (can't afford a console either) so I hope they keep it accessible for lower end pc's too.
SlapHappyJesus  +   586d ago
Witcher 2 was very scaleable. I am not too worried about PCs not running the best tech. That's my point though, the statement made is there to try and make everyone know they will be happy with their experience.
That's great, and I believe that will be the case. In doing so, however, they make it seem as though the entrance fee for PC gamers to experience this at max is astronomical to the cost of a console. In today's market, that is not the case. You can now build a PC for $800 or lower that will max this game and should keep a steady 60 frames. To run this as well as I am assuming it will on console, you don't even need that. Not to mention we have brand new GPU tech right around the corner.
#6.1.1 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report
ShutUpDonny  +   586d ago
For my comment earlier that was flagged as trolling : I'm sorry. I admire the dedication of PC people that are putting a lot of love into there machines and I did not wanted to generalize. I just think it's ridiculous so see how many PC gamers treat that specs comparaison like a competition. It's like having a guy in a Ferrari at a street light wanting to race my Mazda. Of course PC is better if you put the money into it. Don't need to show it off.
mysteryraz11   586d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Play2Win  +   586d ago
I bet my sweet a$$ that PC version will make the console version look like animal cadaver. In both performance and visuals.
CapsLocke  +   586d ago
I'm glad that console players also experience this game in almost full potential.
--bienio--  +   586d ago
Good to know😃 I change my card end of the this year, just waiting for Black Friday...I wondering how price can drop for gtx titan black edition😃
anticlimax  +   586d ago
Investing in a Titan, is a waste if you use it for gaming. Wait for the 780ti.
--bienio--  +   586d ago
Is still a lot of time so i just thinking and not yet decide what i gonna buy😊 but you have write i can same some cash and spend for ssd for example...
#10.1.1 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
OsirisBlack  +   586d ago
Completely Agree ....
xTheMercenary_  +   586d ago
wait for the 780ti??, isnt it already out?
LightofDarkness  +   586d ago
Titans are for people who need GPU compute performance. Games, so far, do not. The 780 Ti outperforms the Titan in gaming applications and the 780 almost matches it. AMD's 290 series also outperform the Titan in most aspects. Titans still cost over €750, and the BE will likely cost close to €1000, for what will likely be a 5% performance gain over the 780 Ti in games. Not worth it.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ   586d ago | Trolling | show
ninjahunter  +   586d ago
Well 555m GT, looks like ile go buy you a batch of steroids, its gonna be a long haul.
Jovanian  +   586d ago
Best way to play this will be on PC with high settings maxed out if you can handle it. Playing it on a console will not do the game justice. To play it at 30 fps at lackluster visual quality on a console is like a sculptor making a masterpiece then selling polaroid pictures of the sculpture to people.

Witcher devs are being too nice about the issue. The PC version of the game will blow the console versions out of the water. The gap will be pretty large, when all is said and done
BallsEye  +   586d ago
Dev said:

"The Xbox 360 was a more powerful and easier-to-code-on platform than PS3, so that would have taken us another year or year-and-a-half."

So here, confirmation xbox360 was more powerful :P

Gonna get witcher 3 on XO and PC :D
AmkOwns  +   586d ago
You don't own a Playstation console.
BallsEye  +   586d ago

Why? Because I dont praise it to heavens and can actually find flaws in it? I can buy whatever console or PC I want like every normal grown working man, and hey, I actually collect them! Started my adventure back in the Atari 64 XE days when you could record games on cassettes that were transmitted in radio. Bet you probably never heard of that?


Not really, it was sony's marketing that made people think it's more powerful. Some games at the end of last gen looked exceptional due to bluray's big size and sometimes even 6 years given to coding just the graphics engine. Here's some raw specs comparisons.




Now I know raw specs is not everything and good architecture and balance can actually have better results than raw power but hey, since ps4 came out everyone in here changed their tune and say only raw specs matter.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   586d ago
John D. Carmack said that too. Sony fanboys won't allow media and other gamers to ever think xboxs are more powerful than playstations. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boa...

What Sony fans did last gen they're doing now. Playstation armies will destroy anybody that tells the truth so media etc. are held hostage and must go along with what Sony fans say.

XB1 has over 16 gigs of memory to handle all games and media, More RAM bandwidth, Faster CPU(yes I heard the lies from some random saying otherwise) tons of dedicated offloading chips like audio chip/move engines. XB1 is more powerful. PS4 fans cherrypick a couple more shaders and paints the whole picture with it.

Power in these consoles is allocated differently as of now due to XB1's more advanced features and extra true next gen hardware ecosystem.

All this doesn't matter anyways once devs start using MSFT's azure cloud compute servers to the fullest that will boost XB1 capability 3 to 4 times over. XB1 vs PC in the future.
#14.2 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
gman_moose  +   586d ago
Bubble down for trolling, and posting completely idiotic non-factual information. In what universe does the XB1 have 16GB ram?

Using the cloud for things like.... AI? Like in Titanfall, where you will have a bunch of mindless drones running around as target practise? yeah, real helpful.
JackBNimble  +   586d ago
You forgot your "s/" , that's got to be sarcasm , if not... puff puff pass.
kingdom18  +   586d ago
PS3 was slightly more powerful, actually. But with the cell processor it was harder to make games on.
starchild  +   586d ago
Yeah, I thought that comment was interesting. Then again, it's not any different than what John Carmack and others have said.

For most intents and purposes the 360 is more powerful than the PS3. I never believed the claims of the PS3 being more powerful. The vast majority of multiplats were evidence enough against that.

Yes, Naughty Dog's games and the God of War series looked phenomenal, but I have little doubt that those developers would have been able to make equally amazing looking games, or better, on the 360. Hell, God of War 2 on the weak PS2 was an amazing looking game at the time.

I also thought the following quote was interesting:
"It’s similar in many ways to the other question we get asked – ‘why isn’t The Witcher 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360?’ It’s impossible. It would have to be a different game – a smaller game, not an open-world game, or with terrible loading times, with sacrifices in graphics."

This is great news. It shows that the game is truly a "next gen" game through and through.


No, while I believe that the Xbox 360 is more powerful than the PS3 overall, everything I have seen so far leads me to believe that even with the move engines and all that the PS4 is still the more powerful console this time.
#14.4 (Edited 586d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GeraltofRivia  +   586d ago
High framerates, ability to game at 1600p, 4k, etc.., mods, I think all those (with a brain) know which version will be the best.
urwifeminder  +   586d ago
Still have not finished either game like them though just too big to be bothered completing them.
windblowsagain  +   586d ago
Actually not.

The 360 is not as powerful as the PS3.

The only edge it had was a lower cost of ram OS, and easier to code for.

The other side was, it's graphic's etc had to be done on GPU, Cell's spu's enabled graphics and culling to be done on cpu.

As for PS4 VS XB1.

%50 More power to the PS4 and it's never going to change.

BF4 1280x720 vs 1600x900.

PS4 is faster ram, more compute units, a better gpu, a better built machine overall. It's a fact.

But if you want to wish that the xb1 had more power, you keep dreaming.
mochachino  +   586d ago
Would love to see a Witcher 2 port on PS4
ironmonkey  +   586d ago
pc version will not be a huge difference. thats just pointing out the tiny things but i guess pc gamers are picky.
gz1987  +   586d ago
cant wait for the game :) it will look beast
Droid Control  +   585d ago
But the next gen consoles are low end PC's, or so I've been led to believe...

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