The Elder Scrolls Online Group Gameplay Preview

The latest preview from Zenimax Studios gives fans an overview and first-hand experience of what The Elder Scrolls Online will feature for group gameplay and taking on challenges that are specifically designed to be conquered by allied players working alongside with each other to complete.

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1671d ago
SKYVVLKR1671d ago

Looks extremely promising. Is there a monthly fee?

redcar1211671d ago

I smell micro transactions not buying this ps4 build will be nice i bet

thekhurg1671d ago

ALL pay to play MMOs have micro-transactions, dummy.

You have to pay for server transfers (not for ESO since it's 1 server), but you pay for race changes, name changes, etc...

They've already confirmed that micro-transactions will not be for core features. They're just taking the standard p2p approach.

redcar1211671d ago

I was just saying no need to be rude im old enough to be your step dad you better not be a red head