New Supply Of Sony PS4 Consoles Now Available At GameStop

GameStop (NYSE: GME) announced today that it has received additional Sony PlayStation(R) 4 systems that are now available for customer purchase at U.S. GameStop stores.

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Monolith1671d ago

I got a ps4 on Monday at target. They had four. Went into a different target tuesday and they also had some. I think sony has finally caught up with the demand. Or it was just lucky occurrences.

us_army1671d ago

Lucky occurances brother.... They have been sold out in my area since Christmas at every retailer I visit. They would get like 3-4 at a time, which would be sold out that day.

jaredhart1671d ago

I bought my PS4 at Walmart in mid December, an announced large shipment was announced earlier that week to be coming in. Store opened at 6am, Ps4's were to be available at 9. I was 13th in line.

When 9 am rolled around and they started to hand them out, there were over 100 people in line and only 80 PS4's to hand out.

nukeitall1671d ago

I think supply is catching up to demand.

Sony has a massive production going on right now that they have to keep until next year and demand has droopped off, because it is after launch and holiday hype.

This is normal and expected.

kreate1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I just went on the gamestop website to check out the ps4's.
there's no ps4 in store in stock near my house. the closes one is 49 miles away.

the gamestop website does have in stock. but the ps4 is bundled and retails for $629 bucks.

It kind of defeats the purpose if its in stock but its sold in bundles over $600 dollars.

I also checked the best buy website. again, its sold in bundles. about 6 different bundles that all saids 'sold out online'.

I checked the x1 console to see how its availability is. and I see it on sale at best buy for $499. both in stores and online if anyone want to pick up x1 console instead. its cheaper than the bundled ps4's.

Death1671d ago

I just checked the nearest 48 Gamestops within a 100 mile range of me. They all have them in stock with about half dozen showing low stock. None are sold out at this point.

Eonjay1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Guys, this is the Wall Street Journal featuring an official statement from GameStop saying that PS4 is finally back in stock. I think this confirms the supply issues.

@Death. They just arrived. Also, the only closet to me (less than .5 miles) didn't get them today because of the brutal storm that hit yesterday.

Death1671d ago

Search 44117 Cleveland, OH and hit "Load 8 More". In stock still in every location within 100 miles. Quite a few went "low stock" throughout the day.

Chris_GTR11670d ago

I know I'm going to get flamed but what's the big rush to buy a next gen console? Killzone 4 , knack, cod ghosts?? I just dont see why everyone's rushing to buy one. I'm still waiting for it to have some games maybe this Christmas when uncharted 4 comes out :)

kreate1670d ago


I think its cuz everyone has been waiting for next gen for the longest time.

last gen was the longest gen ever.

and pretty much the games will be coming.
plus its the experience.

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G20WLY1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Better be quick, people!

Lots of commenters said they will buy a PS4 when Infamous: Second Son is released... I have a feeling they're gonna kick themselves if they don't grab one sooner. :O

Selling like hotcakes - all too soon (forgive me)... scone!

Neonridr1671d ago

I said I wasn't going to purchase one until around Feb/March. I got one November 20th, lol.

mmc-0071671d ago

some EU supply would be great.

BattleReach1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Exactly. We haven't had any supply in 2014 in the Netherlands. There are more then 100 (!) pre-orders in my local gamestore. And thats only in my town.

DeadRabbits1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Gotta Catch em All!

Whats the trade in being offered on an Xbone?

famoussasjohn1671d ago

Saw the best buy in my area had them as well.

famoussasjohn1671d ago

To add on to my statement, if you check their weekly ad and click on the PS4 in the games section of the ad, it will show a few stores that will have them. I'd attempt to get one, but I have a feeling they will sell out before I get out of work lol.

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