My 8 Most Disappointing Games of 2013

Gamnesia "I know Microsoft has had a couple of bad years in gaming, but this was one of the worst. I mean, no one can deny they pretty much messed up in 2013."

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Excalibur891d ago

I thought Deadpool was a great game and $49.00 at release to boot.

abzdine891d ago

Fuse is a disaster. don't understand what IG was thinking

4logpc891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

Piece is about most disappointing games of 2013, has a picture of the Xbox one...

I think last light was a fine game.

EDIT: wise choice changing ur picture... But this piece still screams of Xbox hate

anticlimax891d ago

Metro LL was in my opinion a really good game. Different enemies with different approaches, sneaking parts, parts with the light and only getting nightvision later on, the battery and the airfilters + a pretty decent story with a likeable alien.

nategrigs891d ago

But disappointing could mean that it didn't live up to they hype created by the previous entry. It doesn't mean that its bad

aliengmr891d ago

What hype? Metro 2033 barely had any hype at all.

According to the author it was disappointing because it was sexist.

SlapHappyJesus891d ago

I listed it as one of my top ten in my article for Duuro.

JohnnyTower891d ago

"every game in microsofts 2013 library"?! That's a little biased. I enjoyed Dead Rising 3 and Forza immensely. No disappointment here.

nategrigs891d ago

I haven't played either (ps4 guy), but I could see how someone could be disapointed with the direction Forza took (gimped economy/microtransactions). Yes I know they addressed these issues.

Dead Rising has always struck me as a series that you either enjoy or you don't. If you liked 1 and 2 you'll prolly like 3, if you didn't you wont. So I don't see how thats disappointing.

KI is supposed to be good too right?

JohnnyTower891d ago

KI is good, but I don't care for the payment model so I only play with free Characters.

I didn't really care for Dead Rising 2 because of the story and characters, but they really nailed it in the 3rd one. Nice and gritty.

And Its too bad about Forza, there was a few people that didn't care for the track selection, but I like it.
If anything, the biggest disappointment of 2013 was the intrusion of MicroTransactions on consoles. Nobody wins with that nonsense.

Sayai jin891d ago

I really never got into DR1 or 2, but DR3 is a really good gam IMO. I enjoyed Forza and KI. However I was disappointed with the 2013 Xbox 360 game line up. Not a lot of great exclusive for the 360 in it's closing years.

from the beach891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

Out of nowhere the article turns into a Microsoft trolling session. 'All Xbox games in 2013 sucked!!' Ah, sure.

Irishguy95891d ago

It's Maria wut you expect??

Trekster_Gamer891d ago

Extremely biased and unprofessional. What a douche!!!!!!!

kma2k891d ago

Ill admit Ryse was very disapointing, but i really am loving dead rising 3!

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snookiegamer891d ago

The Most Disappointing Game of 2013 for me was.....

Aliens Colonial Marines ;(

4logpc891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

Does that qualify as a game? I would say a game needs to be playable.

snookiegamer891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

Lool you're kinda funny :)

Admittedly...I did buy it for £5.98 in the PSN January sale, but I feel bad for those who purchased at full retail price ;(


Article seems overly biased. There's even an image of the Xbox One?

anticlimax891d ago

So simcity was out too then?

irishyort891d ago

@4logpc bubble up for your joke there sir, lmao

nategrigs891d ago

I didn't play it, but it sounds like it should be on the list. It certainly didn't live up to the hype

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