LittleBigPlanet VITA Devs Teasing PlayStation 3 Exclusive Port To VITA/PS4, Will Be Announced Soon

GearNuke: "Double Eleven are the developers of the fantastic LittleBigPlanet VITA. They have also ported a couple of other games to the VITA and it seems like they are currently working on porting a PlayStation 3 exclusive to the VITA and PS4."

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ElementX889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

I would definitely buy LBP on PS4 if it takes advantage of the hardware, however i don't think this is LBP. I misread the first time

sinncross889d ago

Well a LBP3 would be awesome.

Granted, whatever happened to the F2P LBP Hub game?

I am pretty interested to see what this port might be.

abzdine889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

Beyond has been rumored many times, same goes for TLoU with remote play
Let's see what future brings

Hatsune-Miku889d ago


Here are my proper choices. Uncharted 3, the last of us, beyond two souls, dead nation

ZodTheRipper889d ago

There are lots of games that could be meant here.
TLOU, Beyond, Puppeteer, Journey and Ratchet&Clank are just some of the possibilities. I would like to see the F2P LBP Hub on PS4 (also because their LBP on Vita was a great game) but that's just me.

PoSTedUP889d ago

id say karting or puppeteer. but with the outstanding job they did with LBPvita, sony's probably confident they could do anything. i hope slantsix is working on something socom for the vita *dreams*.

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sobotz889d ago

My money is on Pupeteer for Vita & PS4,

trouble_bubble889d ago

Puppeteer blows Knack out of the water. Shoulda been a PS4 IP for sure. Wrong horse in the wrong race

GraveLord889d ago

Yeah, I could see this happening.
Bubbles up for you sir!

parentoftheyear889d ago

Anything to fill my little big appetite until lbp3.

Tripe_Down889d ago

It´s Ratchet & Clank Nexus

Ultr889d ago

Oh that would be cool. Have yet to buy Into the Nexus. I would definately buy the ps4 version

rambi80889d ago

yeah, that makes sense and was actually already announced

ginsunuva889d ago

No it has to be Puppeteer.

Think about it: it'll work great on Vita, and it didn't sell too much on ps3 so ps4 will help.
It came out recently so visually it's up to par.
And it's the only game MM would probably be excited about since it's a cute, artistic platformer.

XiSasukeUchiha889d ago

Awesomeness in home tonight everybody have good time!

xfear2diex889d ago

a ps3 exclusive to psvita and ps4?
if we think about it should be game that sold good
it's one of those
1-gt6(dp was talking about porting the game over to ps4 and the since the ps4 sold alot it maybe the time for them to move it to ps4 but not likley due maybe they want to port the game themselfes)
2-byond two souls(it sold 1m i think they want to push they want to reach more audience but still not likely due the game begin too hard for the vita)
3-demon souls(will be awsome and teasing for demon souls 2)
4-lbp karting(i hope not)
5-one of the Resistance series(not likely)
that my assumption and the most likely i really hope it,s demon souls port

WeAreLegion889d ago

I'd pay $150 right now for a Vita or PS4 port of the Resistance series.

SonyStyled889d ago

considering sonys axing the resistance servers in april im not sure if thats a reason to or not to release on psv/ps4

WeAreLegion889d ago

Yikes. Didn't realize so many people don't want me to play Resistance.

xfear2diex889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

Resistance is awesome and super underrated the art style was awesome the gameplay but yeah i don,t think there will be a port of the game it's not likely because of the poor sales of the game
hell id like a proper Resistance on vita
or enhanced ver of the game for the ps4 with 1080p/60fps the will be pure awsome but i think the disagree is from the price you put for it

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